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Welcome to our animal category. This is distinct from our funny animals category, as these critters are smart and think like humans! Although not one of our largest, it holds some interesting titles, mainly horse related.

Champion "the wonder horse" is a name familiar to all of us. Nowadays, he is probably more famous than his rider and owner Gene Autry. In reality Autry owned more than one Champion, who was a constant throughout the vast majority of his career. Not only did Champion have his own comic, but also a television and radio series.

Charlton's Black Fury has a wild spirit. The leader of a pack of wild stallions, he roamed the range righting wrongs. The similarity between Black Fury and Fury who starred in a television series at the same time cannot be coincidental!

Rocky Lane's Black Jack, originally named Thunder, was owned by another cowboy star Bill Elliott, who rode him in the Red Ryder series. He was sold to Lane when he took over the role. Rocky Lane's Western published by Fawcett was a success, and in November 1957 Rocky Lane's Black Jack was launched.

We have 10 titles and 137 issues in our 'Animal Category' for you to enjoy.

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Animal Comics And Books

Black Fury
Cover For Black Fury
Online: 56 Books
Publishing History
Issues: 57
From: May 1955
To: Mar 1966
Seq: 1 - 57
Cover For Bo
Online: 3 Books
Publishing History
Issues: 3
From: Jun 1955
To: Oct 1955
Seq: 1 - 3
Description:Bo was a comic strip dog whose reprint appeared in many comics from different publishers.
Cartucho Y 'Patata'
Cover For Cartucho Y 'Patata'
Online: 25 Books
Publishing History
Issues: 27
Seq: 1 - 27
Publisher:Spanish Language Books
Gene Autry's Champion
Cover For Gene Autry's Champion
Online: 14 Books
Publishing History
Issues: 17
From: Aug 1951
To: Aug 1955
Seq: 3 - 19
Publisher:Dell Comics / Western Publishing
La Tigre Bianca
Cover For La Tigre Bianca
Online: 2 Books
Publisher:Italian Language Books
Merry Mouse
Cover For Merry Mouse
Online: 4 Books
Publishing History
Issues: 4
From: Jun 1953
To: Jan 1954
Seq: 1 - 4
Publisher:Avon Periodicals
Rocky Lane's Black Jack
Cover For Rocky Lane's Black Jack
Online: 11 Books
Publishing History
Issues: 11
From: Nov 1957
To: Nov 1959
Seq: 20 - 30
Cover For Targa
Online: 5 Books
Publisher:French Language Books
Description:French monthly comic published by Imprimeries Bellecour, Lyon, 1948.
True Animal Picture Stories
Cover For True Animal Picture Stories
Online: 2 Books
Publishing History
Issues: 2
From: Winter 1947
To: Summer 1947
Seq: 1 - 2
Publisher:Parents' Magazine Press
Cover For Yorga
Online: 15 Books
Publisher:Spanish Language Books
Description:Published by Ediciones Hispano Americana, Barcelona. 1950. With thanks to http - //precisionquirurgica.blogspot.com.es/
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