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An old expression states 'children should be seen, but not heard'. Well, just try telling that to the bunch of kids we have in this category! To make matters worse, most of the teenagers here are also out of contol.

One teenager you certainly would not want to mess with, as many a villain found out to their cost, is Airboy. A real tough cookie and the owner of the worlds coolest plane! Talking of cool inventions, then The Brain always has a new idea, but beware they never quite work the way they should.

Amongst our stars are Jack Armstrong 'The All American Boy of Radio Fame' and of course comic strip legends Terry and the Pirates.

Tippy, a silver age queen of dizzy, is here along with her friends, Go-Go and Animal.

Parents Magazine attempt to add a bit of sanity to this section, with Polly Pigtails and their various 'Calling all' titles. But, frankly it looks like a lost cause.

We have 211 titles and 3,853 issues in our 'Children/Teenagers Category' for you to enjoy.

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Children/Teenagers Comics And Books


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Cover For Vicky
Online: 5 Books
Publishing History
Issues: 5
From: Oct 1948
To: Jun 1949
Seq: 1 - 5
Publisher:Ace Magazines
Wambi, Jungle Boy
Cover For Wambi, Jungle Boy
Online: 21 Books
Publishing History
Issues: 18
From: 1942
To: 1952
Seq: 1 - 18
Publisher:Fiction House
Wilbur Comics
Cover For Wilbur Comics
Online: 18 Books
Publishing History
Issues: 90
From: 1944
To: Oct 1965
Seq: 1 - 90
Publisher:Archie / MLJ
Description:(1944 series) Summer 1944 - October 1965 Issues - #1-90 issues renewed from 36 on do not upload past issue 35, Artists on this title include Dan DeCarlo, Joe Edwards, Al Fagaly, Ed Goggin, Red Holmdale, Carl Hubbell, Rudy Lapick, Bill Vigoda, & Bill Woggon
Wild Boy
Cover For Wild Boy
Online: 8 Books
Publishing History
Issues: 8
From: 1950
To: Oct 1952
Seq: 10 - 8
Description:(1951 Series) Feb-Mar 1951 - Aug 1953? Issues published - 10 [1]-8 Tracking - Continued as Wild Boy of the Congo (St. John, 1953 series) #9 onward.
Wild Boy of the Congo
Cover For Wild Boy of the Congo
Online: 6 Books
Publishing History
Issues: 6
From: Oct 1953
To: Jun 1955
Seq: 9 - 15
Publisher:St. John
Wonder Boy
Cover For Wonder Boy
Online: 3 Books
Publishing History
Issues: 2
From: May 1955
To: Jul 1955
Seq: 17 - 18
Wonderland Comics
Cover For Wonderland Comics
Online: 10 Books
Publishing History
Issues: 9
From: 1945
To: Apr 1947
Seq: 1 - 9
Description:(1945 series) Summer 1945 - March 1947 Issues - #1-9
Yellow Kid
Cover For Yellow Kid
Online: 4 Books
Publishing History
From: 1895
Publisher:Newspaper Comic Strips
Description:The Yellow Kid was created and drawn by Richard F. Outcault. Real name Mickey Dugan, he was bald headed and was probably shaven after lice were found. He sported a large yellow hand-me-down nightshirt, hence the name. As a device, the shirt had what the kid was saying printed on it. The Yellow Kid made his appearance as a supporting character in Truth Magazine in 1894. Due to his popularity more...
Young Britain
Cover For Young Britain
Online: 2 Books
Publishing History
From: Jun 1919
To: Nov 1923
Publisher:British Story Papers
Description:Young Britain was published weekly by The Amalgamated Press based at Fleetway House in Farringdon Street, London. It was first published on 14th June 1919 until 17th November 1923, when it becomes Young Britain (New Series). It had a total of 232 issues. It had the usual mixture of school, adventure and mystery stories for both boys and girls.
Young King Cole
Cover For Young King Cole
Online: 23 Books
Publishing History
Issues: 23
From: 1945
To: Jul 1948
Seq: v1 1 - v3 12
Publisher:Novelty Press
Description:(1945 series) Fall, 1945 - July 1948 Issues - 23 (V1#1 - V3#12) Tracking - Numbering continues as CRIMINALS ON THE RUN (Novelty Press, 1948 series). Artists on this title include Nina Albright, Wayne Boring, Joe Certa, L.B. Cole, Harvey K. Fuller, Hy Gage, Will Hammel, Milt Hammer, Art Helfant, Al McWilliams, E. J. Reeves, Janice Valleau, & Jim Wilcox
Young Life
Cover For Young Life
Online: 2 Books
Publishing History
Issues: 2
From: Summer 1945
To: Autumn 1945
Seq: 1 - 2
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