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Image for Horror Comics And Books The telling of horror stories must date back to the dawn of civilization, so comic books are just a very recent medium for this genre.

It can be debated which was the first true horror comic as we know them today. But, there are a few issues and titles that are milestones.

Issue #7 of Prize Comics, published in December 1940, featured Dick Briefer's 'New Adventures of Frankenstein' This is considered by many historians as 'the first real horror series'. Frankenstein continued its run until Prize Comics #52 in April 1945. Briefer eventually morphed him into a humorous character.

Avon Publications' one shot Eerie Comics #1 (Jan. 1947) has been classed as 'the first out-and-out horror comic book'. This title then reappeared in 1951 and ran for 17 issues.

American Comics Group's Adventures into the Unknown (1948-1967) enjoyed the longest run from these pioneer comic book titles. But, no more need for debate, just enjoy the titles we hold in this category!

We have 112 titles and 1,483 issues in our 'Horror Category' for you to enjoy.

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Horror Comics And Books


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Weird Chills
Cover For Weird Chills
Online: 2 Books
Publishing History
Issues: 3
From: Jul 1954
To: Nov 1954
Seq: 1 - 3
Publisher:Stanley Morse (Key)
Weird Comics
Cover For Weird Comics
Online: 20 Books
Publishing History
Issues: 20
From: Apr 1940
To: Jan 1942
Seq: 1 - 20
Publisher:Fox Feature Syndicate
Description:WEIRD COMICS (Fox) 1940 Series. No. 1, Apr 1940 - no. 20, Jan 1942.
Weird Horrors
Cover For Weird Horrors
Online: 9 Books
Publishing History
Issues: 9
From: Jun 1952
To: Oct 1953
Seq: 1 - 9
Publisher:St. John
Description:(1952 Series) June 1952 - October 1953 Issues published - 1-9 Tracking - Continues as Nightmare (St. John) Artists on this title include Dick Ayers, Lou Cameron, William Ekgren, Bob Forgione, Joe Kubert & Albert Tyler
Weird Mysteries
Cover For Weird Mysteries
Online: 11 Books
Publishing History
Issues: 12
From: Oct 1952
To: Sep 1954
Seq: 1 - 12
Publisher:Stanley Morse (Key)
Description:(1952 series) October 1952 - September 1954 Issues - #1-12 Artists on this title include Ross Andru, Bernard Baily, Mike Esposito, S. Finocchiaro, Hy Fleishman, Vince Fodera, Nick Frank, Tony Mortellaro, Jon Smalle, John Romita, Charles Stern, Sal Trapani, Basil Wolverton, & Les Zakarin
Weird Stories of the Supernatural Archives
Cover For Weird Stories of the Supernatural Archives
Online: 14 Books
Publisher:Comic Book Compilations
Description:Weird Stories Of The Supernatural appeared as a regular feature in Jumbo Comics published by Fiction House. It began as 'The Diary of Dr. Hayward' in Jumbo Comics #01 (Sept 1938) and continued until issue #09 when it became 'Weird Stories Of The Supernatural'. It featured the same characters as in the previous strip, Dr. Hayward, Stuart Taylor and his girlfriend more...
Weird Tales
Cover For Weird Tales
Online: 1 Book
Description:Weird Tales Weird Tales is an American fantasy and horror fiction pulp magazine published Bi-Monthly by Nth Dimension Media. It ran from March 1923 and September 1954 for 279 issues The magazine was set up in Chicago by J. C. Henneberger, an ex-journalist with a taste for the macabre.
Weird Tales of the Future
Cover For Weird Tales of the Future
Online: 5 Books
Publishing History
Issues: 8
From: Mar 1952
To: Jul 1953
Seq: 1 - 8
Publisher:Stanley Morse (Key)
Weird Terror
Cover For Weird Terror
Online: 12 Books
Publishing History
Issues: 13
From: Sep 1952
To: Sep 1954
Seq: 1 - 13
Publisher:Comic Media
Description:WEIRD TERROR (Comic Media) 1952 Series. No. 1, Sept 1952 - No. 13, Sept 1954. 36 pages, color, saddle-stitched.
Weird Thrillers
Cover For Weird Thrillers
Online: 5 Books
Publishing History
Issues: 5
From: Sep 1951
To: Oct 1952
Seq: 1 - 5
Description:Complete-great looking scans of great looking books. (1951 Series) Sep-Oct 1951 - Oct-Nov 1952 Issues published - 1-5
Cover For Witchcraft
Online: 6 Books
Publishing History
Issues: 6
From: Mar 1952
To: Mar 1953
Seq: 1 - 6
Publisher:Avon Periodicals
Description:WITCHCRAFT, 1952 Series. No. 1, Mar-Apr 1952 - no. 6, Mar 1953
Witches Tales
Cover For Witches Tales
Online: 31 Books
Publishing History
Issues: 28
From: Jan 1951
To: Dec 1954
Seq: 1 - 28
Publisher:Harvey Comics
Description:(1951 series) January 1951 - December 1954 Issues - #1-28 Tracking - Becomes WITCHES' WESTERN TALES with #29. Artists on this title include Al Avison, Joe Certa, Sid Check, Vic Donohue, Lee Elias, Tom Gill, John Giunta, Tom Hickey, Warren Kremer, Al Luster, Moe Marcus, Howard Nostrand, Rudy Palais, Don Perlin, Bob Powell, Pete Riss, Abe Simon, John Sink, Jack Sparling, more...
Worlds of Fear
Cover For Worlds of Fear
Online: 9 Books
Publishing History
Issues: 9
From: Jan 1952
To: Jun 1953
Seq: 2 - 10
Description:WORLDS OF FEAR (Fawcett) 1952 Series. No. 2, Jan 1952 - no. 10, Jun 1953. Formerly WORLDS BEYOND (Fawcett)
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