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In Prize Comics #7, dated December 1940, Dick Briefer introduced his Frankenstein. Many as the first ongoing horror feature consider this. In 1945, Frankenstein appeared in his own title. Now he is a returning war veteran, marking a shift in genre by Briefer. Frankenstein was become a good-natured humorous character, but would revert back to his horrific roots towards the end of his title's run.

Charlton are a major contributor to this category. Reptilicus, based on the film of the same name lasted two issues. The short run continued as Reptisaurus. Two other Charlton titles were created by Steve Ditko, Konga and Gorgo. Notice the striking similarity between these two and King Kong and Godzilla!!

Charlton have also given us some other cool monster titles. These are mainly based on films, both new releases and classics. Other articles include such gems as 'How to build your own monster' and 'The Monster Song' (words and music included)!!

We have 19 titles and 199 issues in our 'Monsters Category' for you to enjoy.

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Monsters Comics And Books

Les Aventures Futuristes
Cover For Les Aventures Futuristes
Online: 1 Book
Publishing History
From: Mar
Publisher:French Language Books
Description:Canadian. Published 11 mars 1949. Texte - Louis Champagne. Illustration - André L'Archevêsque. Éditions - Police Journal.
Blue Bolt
Cover For Blue Bolt
Online: 3 Books
Publishing History
Issues: 22
From: 1952
Seq: 1 - 22
Publisher:Gerald G. Swan
Description:British reprint, published by Gerald G. Swan Ltd, London. Series of 22 comics ran from #1 to #22 and from 1952 - 1954. Although titled Blue Bolt, the character only appeared in #4,9,13,15,17,18,19,20,21,22.
Diego Valor
Cover For Diego Valor
Online: 10 Books
Publishing History
From: 1955
Publisher:Spanish Language Books
Description:Diego Valor was a hugely popular Space hero not only in comics but on radio. Sort of the Spanish Flash Gordon. These files are compilations of 6 piccolos - small landscape comics which appeared weekly.
Cover For Frankenstein
Online: 36 Books
Publishing History
Issues: 33
From: 1945
To: Oct 1954
Seq: v1 1 - v5 5
Fredy Barton El Audaz
Cover For Fredy Barton El Audaz
Online: 14 Books
Publisher:Spanish Language Books
Description:Spanish S.F. series featuring the daring Fredy Barton and team fighting alien menace.
Cover For Gorgo
Online: 26 Books
Publishing History
Issues: 23
From: 1960
To: Sep 1965
Seq: 1 - 23
Horror Monsters
Cover For Horror Monsters
Online: 4 Books
Publisher:Newspapers and Magazines
Description:Charlton horror magazine
Cover For Kit-Boy
Online: 12 Books
Publisher:Spanish Language Books
Description:Good S.F. comic published by Ediciones Soriano, Barcelona. Originally an Italian striscia, this was reprinted in larger form in Spain.
Cover For Konga
Online: 27 Books
Publishing History
Issues: 23
From: Jun 1960
To: Nov 1965
Seq: 1 - 23
Mad Monsters
Cover For Mad Monsters
Online: 1 Book
Publisher:Newspapers and Magazines
Description:A Charlton publication
Cover For Marcos
Online: 7 Books
Publisher:Spanish Language Books
Description:Published by Editorial Maga, Valencia. A journey to Mars, a stowaway, thrilling escapades.
Millie the Lovable Monster
Cover For Millie the Lovable Monster
Online: 6 Books
Publishing History
Issues: 6
From: Sep 1962
To: Jan 1973
Seq: 1 - 6
Publisher:Dell Comics / Western Publishing
Cover For Reptilicus
Online: 2 Books
Publishing History
Issues: 2
From: Aug 1961
To: Oct 1961
Seq: 1 - 2
Cover For Reptisaurus
Online: 7 Books
Publishing History
Issues: 6
From: Jan 1962
To: Dec 1962
Seq: 3 - 8
S.F. Stories from British Weeklies
Cover For S.F. Stories from British Weeklies
Online: 4 Books
Publisher:Science Fiction Compilations
Description:British story papers featured illustrated prose S.F. serials with weekly 3, 4, or 5 page episodes (occasionally fortnightly), from early '30's till they ceased publication. These featured alien invasions of Earth, space ships, adventures on other worlds, monsters and apocalyptic disasters. All great fun with intrepid heroes and the odd mad scientist. All thanks must more...
Cover For Scoops
Online: 15 Books
Publishing History
Issues: 1
From: 1934
To: 1934
Seq: 20 - 20
Publisher:British Story Papers
Description:Scoops is considered the first British S.F. magazine, although, at the time it was sometimes referred to as a comic. Published by Pearson, London. This is a rare title nowadays and of great interest is that, 'The Poison Belt' by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is serialised from #13. The scans are from old tired, copies and the text might be difficult to read in places but the illustrations more...
Space Comics (Captain Valiant)
Cover For Space Comics (Captain Valiant)
Online: 6 Books
Publishing History
Issues: 32
From: 1953
To: 1954
Seq: 1 - 32
Publisher:Arnold Book Company
Los Vampiros del Aire
Cover For Los Vampiros del Aire
Online: 11 Books
Publishing History
From: 1940
Publisher:Spanish Language Books
Description:Classic series of Spanish landscape comics in the series, 'Colleccion Grafica de Biblioteca de la Risa. ' Flying heroes and villains, monsters, action, this series has the lot.
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