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In the UK, Garth was a comic strip in the British newspaper Daily Mirror started on July 24, 1943. Garth, an immensely strong hero who battled various villains throughout the world and many different chronological eras. Garth washed ashore in Shetland and was adopted by an elderly couple. He developed almost superhuman strength and eventually became a naval captain and all-round military genius. He traveled through many eras and confronted villains such as Madame Voss and Apollo. His true love was the ancient goddess-like figure, Astra. Garth's sidekick and mentor was Professor Lumiere, who psychoanalyzed the hero and recovered memories of his previous experiences.

"Wanda is not a portrait of any real person, but she represents the spirit of Australian girls I know, who have done such wonderful work in uniform. I first thought of Wanda when I was watching a march of service girls. I spent days and nights sketching girls before I was satisfied I had found a true type of real Australian girl." Kathleen O'Brien (1943).

Wanda was a young, long-legged curvy redhead, whose series of adventures had her encountering Japanese soldiers and German spies as drawn by Kathleen O'Brien. The early stories were written by journalist, Clifford William Brain, but O'Brien took over the writing of the strip after the war. Kathleen O'Brien (1914-1991), was an Australian comic book artist, book illustrator and fashion artist.

Up in Canada the publisher, Bell was the most prolific of the Canadian publishers, issuing nearly twenty titles, and their comics were a big success, achieving combined weekly sales of 100,000 copies by the end of 1943. A character that was popular for the company was another Adrian Dingle creation called the Penguin. The Penguin premiered in 1943. Other publisher had heroes like Molo The Mighty who also made his appearance in 1943 as well. His adventures took place in the Australian outback and this high flying hero had an Aboriginal boy companion. Canada Jack was an athlete and adventurer who decided to use his prowess to combat crime and fifth columnists during the Second World War, and to act as a symbol for his nation against the ruthless cruelty of the Axis powers starting in March of 1943.

Belgium Under Occupation - Le Rayon U is set on an Earth-like planet which combines elements of the distant past, present and far future. Two of its nations, Norlandia and Austradia, are in conflict. A Norlandian scientist, Marduk, has devised a weapon called the "U Ray", but requires a mineral called uradium in order to put it to actual use. Marduk therefore organizes an expedition into an unknown part of the planet in order to find the uradium. The explorers encounter all manners of threats, including prehistoric monsters, giant snakes and tigers, a tribe of hostile ape-men, and the meddling of Austradian spy Captain Dagon. More welcoming, but no less intriguing, is a civilization of Aztec-like people. Le Rayon U (The U Ray) is a comic book written and drawn by the Belgian comics creator Edgar P. Jacobs released in February 1943 under Nazi occupation.

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Virtual Newsstand For 1943



Aerial view of the Pentagon
The Pentagon, HQ of the U.S. Department of Defense & the world's largest office building, is dedicated in Arlington more ...


Members of the White Rose
Nazis arrest University of Munich students & their professor, members of the White Rose German Resistance movement more ...


Colossus codebreaking computer
Construction begins on the first electronic programmable computer, the Mark I Colossus, at Bletchley Park England more ...


A psychedelic image
Swiss scientist Albert Hofmann is the first person to use LSD, a drug he synthesized in 1938 & records his experience more ...


Mohne Dam Breached
The 'Dambuster Raid' flown by RAF No. 617 Squadron uses bouncing bombs to breach German dams in the Ruhr Valley more ...


Leslie Howard
BOAC Flight 777-A, a civilian airline flight is attacked by 8 German Junkers. On board is the film actor Leslie Howard more ...


Soviet WWII poster
The Battle of Kursk begins. The Soviet victory will give the Red Army the strategic initiative for the rest of the war more ...


John F. Kennedy aboard PT-109
John F. Kennedy's Motor Torpedo Boat PT-109 is rammed by a destroyer. His actions to save his crew make him a war hero more ...


Allied Invasion of Italy
Following the successful invasion of Sicily, mainland Italy is invaded by Allied forces. Resulting in the country's swift surrender more ...


Chiang Kai-shek
Chiang Kai-shek takes the oath of office as Chairman of the National Government of China, held unofficially since August more ...


Cairo Conference
Roosevelt, Churchill & Chiang Kai-shek meet at Cairo in Egypt to discuss ways to defeat Japan in the Pacific War more ...


Migrant Mother
The Great Depression officially ends in the U.S. Due to work created by the war unemployment figures have fallen dramatically more ...

Unknown Month In 1943

Great Depression officially ends - Italy surrenders - LSD taken for the first time - Dambuster Raid uses bouncing bombs more ...
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