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Image Representing 1950
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Jump on our Virtual Newsstand as we journey back to 1950. See and read the comic books on sale month by month, and find out the major news of the day.

Please note: The Virtual Newsstand is a big project that began April 2013. We are still working on this and it will be completed sometime in 2014.

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Virtual Newsstand For 1950



A stack of dollar bills
Armed robbers steal over $2.5m in cash & securities from the Brink's armored car company HQ in Boston, Massachusetts more ...


A vintage Diners Club Card
First credit card charge is made by Frank McNamara, Ralph Schneider & Matty Simmons founders of the Diners Club more ...


A VW van
Volkswagen introduce a new panel van named 'Type 2'. It their second car model, the first being the 'Type 1' Beetle more ...


The Eagle Logo
British comic 'The Eagle' is founded by vicar Marcus Morris. It features Frank Hampson's 'Dan Dare, Pilot of the Future' more ...


Face of the Tollund Man
The mummified corpse of a man from the 4th century BC is found in a Danish peat bog. It is believed he was a sacrifice more ...


Korean War gun crew
North Korean troops cross the 38th parallel into South Korea & soon capture Seoul. This action starts the Korean War more ...


Richard Branson
Entrepreneur Richard Branson is born. Despite his dyslexia he will found the Virgin Group & become a multi-billionaire more ...


Paul Robeson
Paul Robeson, whose passport was revoked due to alleged Communist sympathies, fails to persuade officials to reinstate it more ...


Publicity photograph for Truth or Consequences
After a single outing in 1941, radio game show 'Truth or Consequences' hosted by Ralph Edwards premieres on television more ...


Tibetan Coat of Arms
The People's Liberation Army cross the Jinsha River & invade Tibet. It will become an Autonomous Region of China more ...


Rainbow Flag
A group led by Harry Hay found 'The Mattachine Society' in Los Angeles, one of the first gay-liberation organizations more ...


Dr. Ralph Bunche
Dr. Ralph Bunche receives the 1950 Nobel Peace Prize for his mediation in Palestine. The first non-white person to do so more ...

Unknown Month In 1950

First credit card charge - Korean War begins - China invades Tibet - $2.5m stolen from Brinks - VW debut panel van more ...
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