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Vital Publications
Available Books:Titles: 3 | Books: 9
Latest Book:Blackstone Master Magician Comics 2 | Uploaded: Mar 10, 2016
Publication History: Active: 1946 - 1958 | Number of Series: 83 | Number of Issues: 85
Branding:Indicia Publishers: 1 | Brand Groups: 1 | Brand Emblems: 1
Indicia Publishers:Vital Publications, Inc
Brand Groups:A Vital Publication
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Vital Publications

Blackstone Master Magician Comics

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Title:Blackstone Master Magician Comics
Issues Available:3
Latest Issue:Blackstone Master Magician Comics 2 | Uploaded: Mar 10, 2016
Categories:Non-fiction | Media/Stars
Publication History:Issues: 3 |  Sequence: #1 - #3 |  Dates: Mar 1946 - Jul 1946
External Links:Grand Comics Database

Jim Ray's Aviation Sketchbook

Thumbnail for Jim Ray's Aviation Sketchbook
Title:Jim Ray's Aviation Sketchbook
Issues Available:2
Latest Issue:Jim Ray's Aviation Sketchbook 1 | Uploaded: Dec 10, 2015
Categories:Aviation | Media/Stars | War/Armed Forces
Publication History:Issues: 2 |  Sequence: #1 - #2 |  Dates: Mar 1946 - May 1946
External Links:Grand Comics Database

One Shots

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Title:One Shots
Issues Available:4
One Shots:Jim Solar, Space Sheriff Defeats The Moon Missile Men | Johnny Starboard And The Underseas Pirates [1948] | Slim Morgan Brings Justice To Mesa City [1950] | Wonder Duck In Adventure At The Rodeo Of The Fearless Quacker
Latest Issue:Jim Solar, Space Sheriff Defeats The Moon Missile Men | Uploaded: Mar 3, 2014
Categories:One Shots
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