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Thumbnail for Vignettes of LifeVignettes of Life is a weekly "pseudo" comic strip by Frank Godwin who is better known for his work on Connie and Rusty Riley. He also drew some Wonder Woman stories.

It's not exactly a comic strip, but exactly as it says vignettes. It often appeared in the newspaper magazines rather than with the comics. It was syndicated by the Philadelphia Ledger, printed in color or in smaller newspapers in black and white.

Blogger Tom Sawyer writes: "Frank Godwin's Vignettes of Life was a tour de force, especially with respect to the art. It was also a highly amusing feature, and it tends to prove the proposition that people do not really change. People were the same in 1924 as they are today."
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Vignettes of Life

Vignettes of Life - Frank Godwin 1924 32 JonTheScanner Jul 26, 2012 22.91 6492 158
Vignettes of Life - Frank Godwin 1925 52 narfstar May 15, 2012 23.31 3670 133
Vignettes of Life - Frank Godwin 1926 54 JonTheScanner Jul 26, 2012 30.09 3122 131
Vignettes of Life - Frank Godwin 1927 48 JonTheScanner May 24, 2013 15.84 4130 109
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