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Thumbnail for Captain EasyCaptain Easy started his comic strip life on May 6, 1929 as sidekick in another one of our comic strips Wash Tubbs. Originally, little was known about Easy, apart from he was a tough Southerner who sought adventure.

The character proved popular, and June 11, 1933 he began starring in his own Sunday strip Captain Easy, Soldier of Fortune. Wash Tubbs and Captain Easy's creator Roy Crane drew the early strips. They are considered some of the finest examples of comic strip art.

As the years marched by Easy also became the star of the Wash Tubbs daily strip. During World War II he enlisted in the US army and after demobilization he became a private detective. Meanwhile Wash Tubbs married, and slipped away into domestic bliss.

Captain Easy's, comic strip life proved as durable as his chin and lasted over half a century until its demise in 1988.
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Captain Easy

Captain Easy 1937 Sundays 53 JonTheScanner Dec 19, 2016 20.45 1773 55
Captain Easy 1949.10.17-1949.12.09 16 narfstar Jul 30, 2009 5.91 6640 321
Captain Easy 1949.12.10-1950.02.04 17 narfstar Jul 30, 2009 5.85 3828 259
Captain Easy 1955.07.18-1955.09.19 19 narfstar Jul 30, 2009 5.83 5686 271
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