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Thumbnail for Invisible Scarlet O'NeilInvisible Scarlet O'Neil was written and drawn by Russell Stamm, who had previously worked on Dick Tracy. She first appeared in the pages of the Chicago Times, June 3, 1940. Scarlet O'Neil has the claim to fame of being one of the very first superheroines.

As her name suggests Scarlet has the power of invisibility. This power was created when Scarlet
put her finger in an experimental ray created by her scientist father. She suddenly disappeared, but luckily figured out that touching a nerve in her wrist acted as a switch, so she could turn her invisibility off and on at will.

Over time Scarlet O'Neil's special talent was slowly dropped from the strip until in 1950 it was renamed to just 'Scarlet O'Neil'. A year later a new character named Stainless Steel was introduced. In 1955 the strip was retitled Stainless Steel, promptly folding the next year. As for Scarlet O'Neil she has yet to switch her off her invisibility and no one knows where she is.
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Invisible Scarlet O'Neil

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