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Thumbnail for Boy's CinemaBoy's Cinema was a weekly story paper published by The Amalgamated Press based at Fleetway House in Farringdon Street, London.
It ran from December 1919 to May 1940 for a total of 1063 issues.
During its twenty year run, the publication merged with the magazines Boys' Broadcast, Screen Stories and Modern Boy. The outbreak of the Second World War caused wide-spread paper rationing which lead to the ultimate demise of the publication.
As the title suggests it was a boys' comic centred on the Hollywood and British stars of the silver screen with related features and articles.
Each issue consisted of film scripts adapted to a story paper format, sometimes serialised. The films featured were mostly 'B' pictures. Covers and throughout the comic showed stills of the films.
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Boy's Cinema

Boy's Cinema 0612 - Heroes of the Flames starring Tim McCoy 28 ernesto / josemas Sep 4, 2012 18.76 3975 169
Boy's Cinema 0778 - A Man's Game starring Tim McCoy 28 hoover Mar 2, 2014 14.12 1566 74
Boy's Cinema 0880 - Hard Rock Harrigan starring George O'Brien 28 hoover Mar 2, 2014 14.13 1572 69
Boy's Cinema 0936 - Dangerous Holiday starring Ra Hould 28 hoover Mar 2, 2014 15.05 1455 59
Boy's Cinema 0956 - Arsene Lupin Returns starring Melvyn Douglas 28 hoover Mar 2, 2014 14.47 2201 66
Boy's Cinema 0990 - Hey! Hey! U.S.A. starring Will Hay 32 jimpy / josemas Aug 11, 2012 27.90 2480 104
Boy's Cinema 0996 - Barefoot Boy starring Jackie Morgan 28 hoover Sep 2, 2012 14.39 2399 106
Boy's Cinema 1024 - Ask A Policeman starring Will Hay 28 josemas Aug 12, 2012 49.84 2871 112
Boy's Cinema 1048 - Where's That Fire? starring Will Hay 20 jimpy / josemas Aug 11, 2012 18.37 2550 115
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