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Thumbnail for CorkyCorky is a spinoff off from Frank King's Gasoline Alley. It features Walt and Phyllis Wallet's son Corky, born May 2, 1928. The younger brother of 'Skeezix' Wallet, he eventually married Hope Hassel on October 1, 1949. He runs a diner in a standalone building.

Little information is available about this strip. It is presumed to be a bottom filler on a Sunday funny page.

Although a second string Gasoline Alley character, Corky managed to star in his own film series Corky of Gasoline Alley (1951), replacing the Blondie film series which ended in 1950 with Beware of Blondie. Corky and his sister Judy decide the only way to save the Wallet family from bankruptcy and insanity is to persuade a free-loader to move on. The latter then fakes an injured back. (source: wikipedia)
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