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Thumbnail for Dixie DuganDixie Dugan was created by J.P. McEvoy. She debuted as the star of Show Girl, a slightly risque novel that was serialized in Liberty magazine in 1928. This soon appeared in book form, along with a Broadway show, that was produced by Ziegfeld. George and Ira Gershwin provided the music and it was immediately made into a movie. All this occurred in 1928, Dixie had hit the road running!

In October 1929 Dixie Dugan appeared in her own comic strip, drawn by John H. Streibel. A few years later in 1934 she was also given a Sunday page. Initially the stories were full of humor and showbiz glamor, but as the Great Depression bit, the daily strip became more serious, with Dixie working to support herself and her parents. It also featured romance and suspense stories. In comparison the Sunday page remained lighter in tone.

Towards the end McEvoy's son Renny was charged with writing of the strip. Streibel remained as the artist, but as his health deteriorated much of the work was done assistants. Streibel died in 1962 and the strip struggled on until 1966.
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Dixie Dugan

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