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Thumbnail for Charlie ChanThe Chinese-American sleuth Charlie Chan was created by Earl Derr Biggers, and based in part on an actual Honolulu detective, Chang Apana. Although Chan, like his real-life counterpart Apana, works for the Honolulu police he is very much a globe-trotter who solves mysteries throughout the world.

Charlie Chan debuted in The House Without A Key written by Biggers in 1925, with other novels following in quick succession. Only one year after he appeared in print Charlie Chan hit the big screen and over the years has appeared in numerous other film adaptations, along with radio and television shows.

On October 24, 1938 the McNaught Syndicate launched a Charlie Chan comic strip. It is notable as the first strip drawn by Alfred Andriola. He would later work on Dann Dunn, before embarking on the strip for which he is best known for today, the long running Kerry Drake. Charlie Chan's strip was cancelled in May 1942, following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

The ending of hostilities meant the Charlie Chan made a comeback. Although his strip was not resurrected, he appeared in a variety of comic books including a four issue run by Charlton and in a title created for Prize Comics by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby.
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Charlie Chan

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