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The Black Cat

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Title:The Black Cat
Issues Available:11
Latest Issue:The Black Cat 125 - The Mystification of Wentworth - Frank X. Finnegan | Uploaded: Sep 26, 2017
Categories:Horror | Mixed Bag
The Black Cat was an American literary magazine published in Boston, Massachusetts.

It ran from 1895 to 1922.

It specialized in short stories of an 'unusual' nature. It is probably best known for publishing the story "A Thousand Deaths" by Jack London in the May 1899 issue.

The Black Cat also occasionally published science fiction stories by authors such as Frank L. Pollack, Don Mark Lemon and Harry Stephen Keeler.

Ghost Stories

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Title:Ghost Stories
Issues Available:1
Latest Issue:Ghost Stories v2 1 - The Woman with Two Souls - J. Paul Suter | Uploaded: May 12, 2013
Ghost Stories was published by Bernarr MacFadden (also known for True Detective, True Romance and Photoplay) and concentrated on the supernatural.

It ran from 1926 to 1930.

The stories are written as only ghost stories in the 1920s could be written. Most of them are quaint with a shock value indicative of that time. There are a few stories that aren't ghost stories, but horror stories or of the occult. They are best read as a historical curiosity as opposed to something that will scare the wits out of you.

Weird Tales

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Title:Weird Tales
Issues Available:1
Latest Issue:Weird Tales v01 01 - Ooze - Anthony M. Rud | Uploaded: Oct 27, 2013
Weird Tales

Weird Tales is an American fantasy and horror fiction pulp magazine published Bi-Monthly by Nth Dimension Media. It ran from March 1923 and September 1954 for 279 issues

The magazine was set up in Chicago by J. C. Henneberger, an ex-journalist with a taste for the macabre.
Eerie Stories v01 01 - The Soul-Scorchers' Lair - Ronald Flagg 130 jvh-EXciter Sep 7, 2017 87.94 1121 87
Midnight Mystery Stories v1 16 - Red Roses of Death - Allan Haggard p1 28 D&M Oct 5, 2013 34.94 2718 123
Strange Tales 02 - The Moon Devils - John Beynon Harris 37 meetoo7k Oct 21, 2013 36.06 3169 119
Uncanny Tales 1940-11 - Murder in the Graveyard - Thomas P. Kelley 68 Archive Jun 8, 2017 11.33 1026 38
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