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Martin Kane, Private Eye
Available Episodes:13
Latest Episode:Martin Kane - Season X Episode XX - Nightclub Murder | Uploaded: Nov 14, 2014
Categories:Crime | Detective
Airing History:Episodes: 120 |  Dates: Sep 1, 1949 - Jun 17, 1954

Martin Kane, Private Eye was an American radio series and television crime series sponsored by United States Tobacco Company. It aired as a radio series from 1949 to 1952 and was simultaneously also a TV series around the same time, until 1954.

William Gargan, Nolan, Tracy, and Mark Stevens played the title role in Martin Kane, Private Eye on live television, airing on NBC Television Network from 1 September 1949 until 17 June 1954. The series, sponsored by United States Tobacco Company, integrated commercials into the detective drama by having Martin Kane enter his favorite tobacco shop where he discussed pipe tobaccos and cigarettes with the tobacconist Happy McMann (Walter Kinsella), before leaving to continue the mystery narrative.

Walter Greaza portrayed Capt. Leonard. Captain Evans was played by Loring Smith, Capt. Burke by Frank M. Thomas, King Calder as Lt. Gray, Sgt. Ross by Nicholas Saunders, and Sgt. Strong by Michael Garrett. Frank Burns produced and directed shows scripted by Harry Kane and Lawrence Young. Charles Paul provided the music. At the start and finish of the show, Kane was shown in shadow, lighting his pipe.

Gargan returned to the role for 39 episodes of the syndicated series The New Adventures of Martin Kane, premiering September 14, 1957, filmed in Europe for United Artists. (Source: wikipedia.org)
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Martin Kane, Private Eye

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