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The Adventures of William Tell
Available Episodes:5
Latest Episode:The Adventures of William Tell - 03 Secret Death | Uploaded: Nov 27, 2014
Categories:Classic Tales | Adventure
Airing History:Episodes: 39 |  Dates: Sep 15, 1958 - Jun 15, 1959

The Adventures of William Tell is a British swashbuckler adventure series, first broadcast on the ITV network in 1958, and produced by ITC Entertainment. In the United States, the episodes aired on the syndicated NTA Film Network in 1958-1959.

The series was produced by Ralph Smart, who wrote a number of stories for the series and also produced Danger Man. The show was made at the National Studios in Elstree. The outdoor scenes were filmed around the mountains and lakes of Snowdonia in the UK.

An accident early occurred to the star, Conrad Phillips, during filming in Snowdonia. He was asked to keep stepping back until he stepped off a 12-foot drop, injuring his knee - which led to his retirement from acting. Phillips had to wear support bandages during filming but sometimes forgot, causing him to struggle with some action scenes.

Though in some ways the same as The Adventures of Robin Hood, a brave bowman fighting against a tyrant, this was a harder show with crossbow bolts killing people and Tell fighting hand-to-hand, which often resulted in the death of the bad guy. Unlike the foppish Sheriff of Nottingham, Gessler was a pig of a man, unshaven, often eating or drinking without manners and throwing his metaphorical as well as literal weight around. The series was repeated well into the 1960s. (Source: wikipedia.org)
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The Adventures of William Tell

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