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Moon Mullins
Available Episodes:2
Latest Episode:Moon Mullins 1940 Pilot - Lord Plushbottom Receives a Cable | Uploaded: Jan 15, 2015
Categories:Humor | Boxing/Martial Arts

Moon Mullins, created by cartoonist Frank Willard (1893-1958), was a popular American comic strip which had a long run as both a daily and Sunday feature from June 19, 1923 to June 2, 1991. Syndicated by the Chicago Tribune/New York News Syndicate, the strip depicts the lives of diverse lowbrow characters who reside at the Schmaltz (later Plushbottom) boarding house. The central character, Moon (short for Moonshine), is a would-be prizefighter-perpetually strapped for cash but with a roguish appetite for vice and high living. Moon took a room in the boarding house at 1323 Wump Street in 1924 and never left, staying on for 67 years.

Ferdinand "Ferd" Johnson (1905-1996) began as Willard's assistant a few months after the strip began in 1923. He progressed to the point where he was handling the entire operation; but it was only after Willard's death (January 11, 1958) that he began signing it.

Moon Mullins did not have a period of decline; maintaining its high standard of humor and art for almost seven decades. In 1978, Ferd's son, Tom Johnson, signed on as his assistant. Ferd Johnson stayed with the strip until it came to an end upon his retirement in 1991. Johnson worked on Moon Mullins for 68 years-a stint that probably stands as the longest tenure of an artist on a single feature in the history of American comics.

Moon Mullins was adapted for radio during the 1940s. (Source: wikipedia)
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Moon Mullins

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a speaker 15 mins archive.org Jan 15, 2015 3.36 1137 4
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