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Captain Starr of Space
Available Episodes:4
Latest Episode:Captain Starr of Space - The Ray Machine | Uploaded: Feb 5, 2015
Categories:Science Fiction

Captain Starr of Space ran from 2 June 1953 to 27 May 1954. The 30 minute show was broadcast on the American Broadcast Corporation network on twice weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Each episode began with: "From out of the future comes Captain Starr of Space-Space-Space-ace-ace-ace ... "

The show is a typical vintage children's sci-fi series in the same vein as the more successful Tom Corbett Space Cadet and Space Patrol. He and his Space Rangers traveled the galaxy on their spaceship, the "Shooting Star." The show was based on characters created by Tom Hubbard, who wrote the episodes and played Cadet Sergeant Stripes.

Captain Starr was played by John Larch (October 4, 1914 - October 16, 2005), he also appeared on Space Patrol as Captain Smith. Before his acting career Larch was a pro baseball player. After Captain Starr he event he went on to have a long career as a bit player in both television and movies.

It is believed that a total of eight episodes survive, but only four appear to be publicly available.
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Captain Starr of Space

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