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Thumbnail for Samson and David ArchiveSamson first appeared in Fantastic Comics #01 (Dec 1939) published by Fox Feature Syndicate. The original writer is believed to be Will Eisner, although he was un-credited. He appeared in all 23 issues of Fantastic Comics.
He was featured in his own title Samson for six issues (Sep 1940 - Sep 1941). He also appeared in Big 3 Comics for seven issues. His last appearance was in Big 3 Comics (January 1942).

Samson, had no alter ego, although he was called 'Sam', the few times he was shown wearing street clothes. He was a direct descendant of the biblical figure. Like his ancestor, Samson had immense strength and endurance, but could lose his powers when his hair was cut. Samson only learned about his heritage when he was a grown man, after his mother revealed his ancestry.

In issue #10 of Fantastic Comics, Samson gained a young side-kick whom he named David, his real name was never revealed. David had no apparent superpowers yet was the sole survivor of a plane crash. Orphaned after the crash, Samson took him into his care. David's role mainly consisted of being rescued by Samson after being captured by criminals.
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Samson and David Archive

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