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Thumbnail for Eagle and Buddy ArchivesIntroduced in Science Comics #01 (Fox) February 1940, 'The Eagle' was a short-lived but memorable character of 'The Golden Age'. Last appearance in January 1942.

He appeared in Science Comics 01-08, Weird Comics 08-20 and The Eagle 01-04.

Bill Powers was a young scientist who had developed a chemical that applied to some wings made them stronger than steel and lighter than air. In his early appearance his costume changed from issue to issue, sometimes he was bare chested, another time in a red body-suit and yet another blue. He was briefly renamed Ted Powers in issue #02 of Science Comics, but reverted back to Bill Powers by issue #03.

One of the many red-white-and-blue heroes of the Golden Age of Comics, 'The Eagle' stands among the greatest - using his strength, agility, courage and morals to protect those in need, fight against the enemies of America, and defeat crime on the home shores. Unlike other Super-heroes of the time 'The Eagle' was willing to kill his enemies.

His side-kick named Buddy wore a similar costume and in some stories was referred to as 'Young Eagle'. Bill Powers' girlfriend is Sally Caldwell.

'The Eagle' battled many foes, including the likes of the Beast, the Gimp and the Scarecrow.
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Eagle and Buddy Archives

The Eagle and Buddy Compilation Part 1 82 mr_goldenage Feb 1, 2016 73.80 1869 86
The Eagle and Buddy Compilation Part 2 100 mr_goldenage Feb 2, 2016 84.86 1471 75
The Eagle and Buddy Compilation Part 3 82 mr_goldenage Feb 3, 2016 74.21 1315 81
The Eagle and Buddy Compilation Part 4 84 mr_goldenage Feb 4, 2016 68.86 1704 68
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