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Thumbnail for Yarko the Great ArchivesYarko The Great first appeared in Wonder Comics #02 (June 1939) published by Fox Publications. He was created by the legendary Will Eisner.
Wonder Comics was renamed Wonderworld Comics for issue #03. Yarko The Great appeared in all of the issues (#03-33). He made further appearances in The Blue Beetle #01 and Samson #04-05.

Yarko The Great was a stage magician with real magical powers. Travelling all over the world, he fought crime and injustice, as well as supernatural menaces, wherever he went. Yarko performed magic with gestures as well as spells (sometimes backward) but his power resided primarily in his eyes. When his eyes were covered, he was powerless.
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Yarko the Great Archives

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Yarko the Great Part 2 72 mr_goldenage Feb 17, 2016 82.65 1232 87
Yarko the Great Part 3 68 mr_goldenage Feb 19, 2016 80.90 1572 240
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