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Thumbnail for V-Man ArchivesV-Man first appeared V...Comics #01 (Jan 1942) published by Fox Feature Syndicate. V...Comics only lasted two issues. V-Man then appeared 7 times in The Blue Beetle starting with issue #13 (Aug 1942).

During World War II, American Jerry Steele on a secret mission is captured by the Germans and put in a prisoner-of-war camp. He managed to free himself and the rest of the prisoners. Unfortunately he was recaptured and apparently executed, however, a peasant was able to bring him back to life with a herbal remedy and smuggle him to a safe refuge. There, a man named Father Duroc asked Steele to take an oath called the V-Pledge. Steele was suddenly possessed of great physical and mental fitness and courage, and was garbed in a patriotic costume. As V-Man, he fought enemy soldiers in Europe and England. His principal gimmick was a miniature radio in his ring.
Back in the States, he forms his own organisation of youths in defence of America, the V-Boys Defence Corps. The V-Boys, who each wore a sweater with a large V on the front. The V-Boys were aware of V-Man's secret identity and communicated with him using the aforementioned ring.
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V-Man Archives

V-Man Compilation Part 1 of 3 74 mr_goldenage Feb 8, 2016 86.56 1944 85
V-Man Compilation Part 2 (of 3) 89 mr_goldenage Feb 9, 2016 88.70 1291 68
V-Man Compilation Part 3 (of 3) 70 mr_goldenage Feb 10, 2016 95.88 1851 77
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