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Jungle Compilations

Kaanga Archives

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Title:Kaanga Archives
Issues Available:4
Latest Issue:Kaanga vol.4 -Jungle Comics Archive (Fiction House) | Uploaded: May 13, 2016
Kannga first appeared in Jungle Comics #01 (January 1940) published by Fiction House. He appeared in all 163 issues of Jungle Comics. He appeared in his own title as well, Kaanga Comics, which ran for 20 issues.

Classed as one of the most successful of the comic book Tarzan clones, Kaanga is a white boy orphaned when his family and the members of their expedition are slaughtered in the Congo.
The boy is adopted and raised by a tribe of 'ape-men'. As an adult, he meets up with a group of white explorers who re-educate him in their ways and he falls in love with one of them, Ann Mason. The pair marry and live in the jungle fighting all sorts of evil from rogue animals, witch doctors, smugglers, poachers, and Nazis.

Tiger Girl Archives

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Title:Tiger Girl Archives
Issues Available:3
Latest Issue:Tiger Girl Archive 3 | Uploaded: Aug 5, 2012
Categories:Jungle | Adventure | Leading Ladies
Tiger Girl first appeared in Fight Comics #32 (June 1944) published by Fiction House.
She appeared a further 33 times in Fight comics, plus 12 appearances in Jungle Girls and 11 appearances in Jungle Comics.
Tiger Girl, also known as Princess Vishnu, was a jungle girl from India. She was accompanied by her companions, Benzali, a tiger, and Abdola, an Indian man. She carried a whip and possessed a tiger ring, which gave her great strength if she looked at it.
Fantomah Archive Part 1 (Fiction House) 99 turoksonofstone Dec 10, 2012 38.32 7128 227
Fantomah Archive Part 2 (Fiction House) 210 turoksonofstone Dec 10, 2012 88.48 4806 173
Jak of The Jaguars on The Planet of Peril 47 jimpy / josemas, narfstar, paw broon Feb 18, 2016 21.15 2564 127
Judy Of The Jungle Archive Better Pub upgrade 171 prime user / josemas Aug 14, 2012 69.86 6282 193
Marga the Panther Woman Compilation Part 1 76 mr_goldenage Feb 4, 2016 85.89 2787 114
Marga the Panther Woman Compilation Part 2 66 mr_goldenage Feb 4, 2016 69.99 2334 102
Princess Pantha Archive 213 Heaven4Heroes Mar 29, 2015 119.93 3482 170
Rulah Archive Part 1 357 prime user Jul 13, 2016 123.91 1414 109
Rulah Archive Part 2 324 prime user Jul 13, 2016 119.16 1690 115
Sheena In B&W 33 Musical-Ghost Nov 2, 2016 64.13 1564 108
The Origin of Jak of the Jaguars 20 paw broon Mar 2, 2016 23.50 1776 94
Tiger Girl Archive Pt.1 211 prime user Jul 13, 2016 81.49 1252 75
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