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Superhero Compilations

Amazing Man

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Title:Amazing Man
Issues Available:4
Latest Issue:Amazing Man Collection 2 | Uploaded: Jun 15, 2012
Amazing-Man (John Aman) is an American Comic Book Superhero whose adventures were published by Centaur Publications during the 1930s and 1940s. Bill Everett is credited with his creation. Amazing-Man first appeared in Amazing-Man Comics #5 (Sept. 1939).

John Aman was an orphan from the West, chosen for his 'superb physical condition' to be raised by monks in Tibet for the first 25 years of his life. Each member of 'The Council of Seven', as the monks were known, trained him to a superhuman degree of physical and mental ability, while also giving him the ability via a chemical solution to disappear into a cloud of green mist, earning him the secondary title of 'The Green Mist'. After completing his final tests, he is sent into the wide world to use his skills and abilities to do good. Opposing Aman, as he was often known, is his nemesis 'The Great Question', a disgruntled member of the Council of Seven.

Blue Beetle Archives

Thumbnail for Blue Beetle Archives
Title:Blue Beetle Archives
Issues Available:13
Latest Issue:Blue Beetle Comics Compilation Part 6 (of 6) | Uploaded: Apr 17, 2016
The Golden Age Blue Beetle first appeared in Mystery Men Comics #01, published by Fox Comics. His alter ego was Dan Garrett, the son of a Police Officer killed in the line of duty, who himself became a cop.
He originally fought against the Underworld without superpowers, however he had a bulletproof blue costume, made of chain-mail that was described as 'thin and light as silk but stronger than steel'. He also temporarily gained superhuman strength and increased stamina by taking Vitamin 2X.
He intimidated his opponents by leaving his signature scarab symbol where it could easily be found.
He had a side-kick for a short time called Sparkington J. Northrup, better known as 'Sparky'.

Other regular characters were, Joan Mason, a beautiful blonde reporter for 'The Daily Blade', Mike Mannigan, Dan's Irish partner on the force, who was convinced that the 'Blue Beetle' was a member of the criminal fraternity, and Dr. Franz who invented the bullet-proof and the Vitamin 2X formula, as well as many other useful gadgets to assist the 'Blue Beetle'.
The 'Blue Beetles' powers gradually increased, over time, including the ability to fly and x-ray vision, amongst other endowments. As Super-heroes fell out of favour during the late 1940's, his abilities were reduced, until all his super-human powers were removed. His adventures then became darker until eventually the character was put on hold.

Charlton Comics revived the character in the mid-fifties and DC Comics re-introduced the 'Blue Beetle' in the 1980's.

Bulletman Archives

Thumbnail for Bulletman Archives
Title:Bulletman Archives
Issues Available:16
Latest Issue:Bulletman Archive Vol 16 | Uploaded: Oct 26, 2016
Categories:Superhero | Adventure | Crime
Bulletman is a Golden Age Super Hero. He first appeared in Nickel Comics #01 (May 1940) published by Fawcett Comics.

Bulletman was Jim Barr, the son of a police officer, who was killed in the line of duty, and as a result of this, decided to fight crime. He tried to join the Police Force, but was rejected for physical reasons, but he got a job working in ballistics.
He experimented with chemicals to develop powers for himself. He gained increased muscle mass and brain function. He also invented a 'Gravity Regulator Helmet', which was bullet shaped and gave him his name. It allowed him to fly and deflect bullets. His formula was shown to make him strong enough to smash a tank.
Bulletman created a second helmet for his girlfriend and later wife Susan Kent, daughter of policeman Sergeant Kent. She adopted the name Bulletgirl. The helmet is shown to be so strong that when Bulletgirl was run over by a Nazi tank, she was only knocked out.
Bulletman and Bulletgirl regularly battled villains such as, Joker, Weeper, Shade, and Doctor Light. They also appeared a few times with Captain Marvel and his family.

Capt. Marvel Archives

Thumbnail for Capt. Marvel Archives
Title:Capt. Marvel Archives
Issues Available:33
Latest Issue:Capt. Marvel Whiz Archives Vol 13 | Uploaded: Mar 15, 2017
'Captain Marvel' was a Golden Age Super-hero, who was arguably Superman's greatest comic book rival during the 1940's, even surpassing him in sales at one point. He first appeared in Whiz Comics #02 (1940), published by Fawcett Comics. He was created by writer, Bill Parker and artist C.C. Beck.

His alter ego was Billy Batson, an orphaned teenage radio broadcaster and orphan. He was brought by a magic train to an underground lair, where he met the mysterious wizard 'Shazam'. The wizard gives him superpowers to combat the forces of evil. To use these powers all Billy had to do was say the wizard's name 'Shazam!'

Captain Marvel's main foe was Dr. Sivana, a mad scientist bent on world domination. Captain Marvel also fought Captain Nazi, Ibac, and the despicable Mister Mind and his Monster Society of Evil. During World War II, he even fought Adolf Hitler, Mussolini and Tojo.

Captain Marvel was assisted in his fight against crime and evil by the 'Marvel Family', which included Billy's twin sister Mary, who becomes 'Mary Marvel' when she says 'Shazam'. It also includes Freddy Freeman, who after being mortally wounded by Captain Nazi, was given the power to become Captain Marvel Jr. when he says 'Captain Marvel'.
Captain Marvel has the wisdom of Solomon, the strength of Hercules, the stamina of Atlas, the power of Zeus, the courage of Achilles, and the speed of Mercury.

The character now appears in DC Comics, who hold the trade-marks for the names 'Shazam' and 'Billy Batson', however as Marvel Comics owns the trademark for the name 'Captain Marvel' (for a different character) DC comics renamed the comic book Shazam!

Capt. Marvel Jnr Archives

Thumbnail for Capt. Marvel Jnr Archives
Title:Capt. Marvel Jnr Archives
Issues Available:21
Latest Issue:Capt. Marvel Jnr Compilation Vol 10 | Uploaded: Mar 7, 2017
Captain Marvel Jr. first appeared in Whiz Comics #25 in December 1941. He is a member of the Marvel Family team of super-heroes headed by Captain Marvel.
Original published by Fawcett and later by DC comics, Captain Marvel Jr.'s alter-ego was Freddy Freeman, a crippled newsboy saved by Captain Marvel from the villainous Captain Nazi.
Captain Marvel Jr. derived his powers from Captain Marvel himself, while the other members of the family obtained their powers from the wizard 'Shazam'.
By uttering the name 'Captain Marvel', Freddy is transformed into Captain Marvel Jr. Unlike Captain Marvel, Captain Marvel Jr., remains a teenager in his altered form.

Daredevil Archives

Thumbnail for Daredevil Archives
Title:Daredevil Archives
Issues Available:6
Latest Issue:Daredevil - The Complete Archive Part 6 | Uploaded: Jul 27, 2016
Not to be confused with the Marvel character, this Daredevil is an American comic book superhero that starred in popular comics from Lev Gleason Publications during the 1930s-1940s.

In his debut appearance in Silver Streak #06 (September 1940), he was introduced as Bart Hill, who as a child had been rendered mute by the shock of seeing his father murdered and himself being branded with a hot iron. Orphaned, he grew up to become a marksman with the boomerang, in homage to the boomerang-shaped scar left on his chest. He wore a pale yellow and dark blue costume.

In the following issue Silver Streak #07 (January 1941), only Hill's identity, spiked belt, and the boomerang remained, the mute angle was dropped without explanation, and his original costume of pale yellow and dark blue was redesigned to a dark red and blue. In Daredevil #018 (August 1943) his origin was re-written to show him being brought up by Australian Aborigines in the Outback.

Eagle and Buddy Archives

Thumbnail for Eagle and Buddy Archives
Title:Eagle and Buddy Archives
Issues Available:4
Latest Issue:The Eagle and Buddy Compilation Part 4 | Uploaded: Feb 4, 2016
Introduced in Science Comics #01 (Fox) February 1940, 'The Eagle' was a short-lived but memorable character of 'The Golden Age'. Last appearance in January 1942.

He appeared in Science Comics 01-08, Weird Comics 08-20 and The Eagle 01-04.

Bill Powers was a young scientist who had developed a chemical that applied to some wings made them stronger than steel and lighter than air. In his early appearance his costume changed from issue to issue, sometimes he was bare chested, another time in a red body-suit and yet another blue. He was briefly renamed Ted Powers in issue #02 of Science Comics, but reverted back to Bill Powers by issue #03.

One of the many red-white-and-blue heroes of the Golden Age of Comics, 'The Eagle' stands among the greatest - using his strength, agility, courage and morals to protect those in need, fight against the enemies of America, and defeat crime on the home shores. Unlike other Super-heroes of the time 'The Eagle' was willing to kill his enemies.

His side-kick named Buddy wore a similar costume and in some stories was referred to as 'Young Eagle'. Bill Powers' girlfriend is Sally Caldwell.

'The Eagle' battled many foes, including the likes of the Beast, the Gimp and the Scarecrow.

The Flame Archives

Thumbnail for The Flame Archives
Title:The Flame Archives
Issues Available:6
Latest Issue:The Flame Wonderworld Comics Part 3 (of 3) | Uploaded: Feb 25, 2016
'The Flame' made his first appearance in Wonderworld Comics #03 (Fox Features) July 1939. He continued to appear until the final issue (#33) in January 1942. He also appeared in his own publication for eight issues, between January 1940 to June 1942.

'The Flame's' secret identity is Gary Preston. When Gary was a baby, his father Charteris Preston worked as a missionary in China. Charteris Preston was washed away in a flood, but managed to save baby Gary by placing him in a basket. The basket was washed downstream to Tibet, where Gary was rescued by a group of lamas. They raised Gary, where they trained him in their mystical ways. When he reached adulthood, Gary returned to America to fight crime as 'The Flame.'

Thanks to his training, 'The Flame' has the ability to control fire and heat. He can raise his own body temperature to the point where he can burst into flames, or melt bullets. He can control and direct any flame in his presence. He can also teleport from place to place by appearing inside of any fire source, no matter the size. 'The Flame's' one weakness is water, which can severely weaken him.

It should be noted that he actually appeared in publication before 'The Human Torch'.

In Wonderworld Comics #30 (October 1941) 'The Flame' was joined by a female sidekick, 'Flame Girl' who was secretly his girlfriend Linda Dale, who was given similar powers by 'The Flame' when Gary Preston was injured and feared he would die. He recovered and they continued fighting crime as a duo.

Green Mask Archives

Thumbnail for Green Mask Archives
Title:Green Mask Archives
Issues Available:8
Latest Issue:Green Mask II Compilation Part 2 | Uploaded: Mar 15, 2016
The Green Mask came in two different guises, both of whom were published by Fox Features.

The Green Mask (i) debuted in Mystery Men Comics #01 (August 1939) and his final appearance was in Mystery Men Comics #31 (February 1942). He also appeared in his own comic 'The Green Mask' 01-09 (1940-1942).

Originally his identity was kept secret from the readers as well, his real identity known only to a newspaperman, who could contact him when needed.

He was eventually revealed to be Michael Shelby, whose father was a crusading Congressman who was gunned down by the 'Grim Circle'. Michael is mortally wounded during the attack and family friend Professor Lascomb rushes to save the young man and subjects him to his untested Vita-Ray machine. The machine subjects him to a super-charge, and when he comes to, Shelby is not only healed but he's a miracle man, with super-strength, invulnerability and the ability to fly.

He vows vengeance on his father's murderers and all crime and decides to take up an identity that will strike terror in the hearts of criminals, 'The Green Mask'. He is assisted by his side-kick, 'Domino, The Miracle Boy' who after getting hurt in an explosion, which was meant for 'The Green Mask' is subjected to the same treatment but doesn't gain all the same powers as he cannot fly. Shelby's girl-friend is Olivia Tracy.

The Green Mask (ii) made his first appearance in Green Mask #10 (August 1944). His last appearance was in Green Mask #17 (November 1946).

In this incarnation, 'The Green Mask' is secretly Johnny Green. He is the son of a previous Green Mask, named Walter Green, who is serving in the army in Europe.

Johnny is a shy bespectacled teenager often taunted as a 'sissy boy' by his high school peers. He transforms into an adult 'Green Mask' whenever he becomes angry and cries out at any display of injustice 'Eee-ow!'. He changes back once he has completed his mission, grows tired and yawns, waking up as Johnny Green again. While some stories had him aware of his alter-ego, others indicated that he either didn't remember anything he did while transformed, or simply saw them as only a dream.

He has a dog named Curly and a much more out-going and courageous girlfriend named Suzie who is unaware of his alter-ego, but is a big fan of 'The Green Mask'.

The Heap Golden Age Archives

Thumbnail for The Heap Golden Age Archives
Title:The Heap Golden Age Archives
Issues Available:4
Latest Issue:The Heap Golden Age Archive - Part 1 | Uploaded: Aug 9, 2016
The Heap first appeared in Air Fighters Comics #03 (Hillman) December 1942. Initially as a recurring character in the Sky Wolf strip, he then got his own strip. His final appearance was in issue #22 (Fall 1945)

German ace Baron Eric von Emmelman is shot down during World War One. He lands in a swamp and merges with the vegetation to become a hulking and nearly mindless muck monster, 'The Heap'.

Hydroman Archives

Thumbnail for Hydroman Archives
Title:Hydroman Archives
Issues Available:3
Latest Issue:Hydroman Golden Age Archive III (of III) | Uploaded: May 18, 2013
Hydroman was created by Bill Everett and appeared in Eastern Color's Reg 'lar Fellers Heroic Comics #1-29 (August 1940-March 1945).
Everett drew the first nine stories and was succeeded by Ben Thompson who was in turn succeeded by H. C. Kiefer.
These archives showcase all of Hydroman's stories as well as the Rainbow Boy crossover stories.

Mary Marvel Archives

Thumbnail for Mary Marvel Archives
Title:Mary Marvel Archives
Issues Available:10
Latest Issue:Mary Marvel Archive Vol 10 | Uploaded: Mar 11, 2017
Categories:Superhero | Leading Ladies
Mary Marvel first appeared in Captain Marvel Adventures #18 (Dec 1942). The character is a member of the Marvel Family of heroes associated with the superhero Captain Marvel.
She is the alter ego of teenager Mary Batson (adopted name Mary Bromfield), twin sister of Billy Batson aka Captain Marvel. Like her brother, Mary has been granted her powers by the wizard Shazam, and only has to say the wizard's name out loud to be instantly transformed into the super-powered Mary Marvel.
Mary Marvel was one of the first female spin-offs of a major male superhero, and she predates Supergirl (also created by Otto Binder) by more than a decade.

Minute Man Archives

Thumbnail for Minute Man Archives
Title:Minute Man Archives
Issues Available:12
Latest Issue:Minute Man Archive Vol 11 | Uploaded: Feb 15, 2017
Minute-Man was originally published by Fawcett Comics in Master Comics #11 (February 1941). He appeared a further 19 times in Master Comics and 7 times in America's Greatest Comics.

Minute-Man was named after the minutemen of the American Revolution and he wore an American flag-inspired costume.
Jack Weston is summoned to the office of his guardian General Wilton. With war looming, Jack receives a special commission, to become the costumed Minute-Man to fight spies and saboteurs and other menaces to America at a minute's notice. He joins the US Army as a lowly private and only General Wilton knows his secret. He has no powers, but has trained himself to the pinnacle of human perfection.

Samson and David Archive

Thumbnail for Samson and David Archive
Title:Samson and David Archive
Issues Available:6
Latest Issue:Samson Comics Compilation Part 2 | Uploaded: Mar 2, 2016
Samson first appeared in Fantastic Comics #01 (Dec 1939) published by Fox Feature Syndicate. The original writer is believed to be Will Eisner, although he was un-credited. He appeared in all 23 issues of Fantastic Comics.
He was featured in his own title Samson for six issues (Sep 1940 - Sep 1941). He also appeared in Big 3 Comics for seven issues. His last appearance was in Big 3 Comics (January 1942).

Samson, had no alter ego, although he was called 'Sam', the few times he was shown wearing street clothes. He was a direct descendant of the biblical figure. Like his ancestor, Samson had immense strength and endurance, but could lose his powers when his hair was cut. Samson only learned about his heritage when he was a grown man, after his mother revealed his ancestry.

In issue #10 of Fantastic Comics, Samson gained a young side-kick whom he named David, his real name was never revealed. David had no apparent superpowers yet was the sole survivor of a plane crash. Orphaned after the crash, Samson took him into his care. David's role mainly consisted of being rescued by Samson after being captured by criminals.

Spy Smasher Archives

Thumbnail for Spy Smasher Archives
Title:Spy Smasher Archives
Issues Available:15
Latest Issue:Spy Smasher Archives Vol 15 | Uploaded: Oct 24, 2016
Spy Smasher first appeared in Whiz Comics #02 (Feb 1940) published by Fawcett Comics. He also appeared in his own named magazine Spy Smasher for a total of 11 issues (Sep 1941 - Feb 1943).
He appeared a further 61 times in Whiz Comics, 12 times in Men Of Mystery Comics and 8 times in America's Greatest Comics.

Spy Smasher a character along the same lines as Batman and the Blue Beetle. Spy Smasher, real name Alan Armstrong was a wealthy sportsman who was also a master detective. He was engaged to Eve Corby, whose father was an admiral in the U.S. Naval intelligence division. The Admiral confided in Alan that a recent spate of apparent accidents could be the work of spies. Alan decided to combat them as Spy Smasher.
His wealth and extensive knowledge of aviation, made it possible to construct a specialised vehicle he called the 'Gyrosub', a combination of an autogyro, a speedboat and a submarine.
His costume was originally a military styled Khaki uniform with goggles and a red cape. In 1942 this was altered to all green with a red diamond emblem on the chest.
As Spy Smasher, Alan fought such villains as The Mask, Dark Angel, America-Smasher, Red Death and Tigress I.

V-Man Archives

Thumbnail for V-Man Archives
Title:V-Man Archives
Issues Available:3
Latest Issue:V-Man Compilation Part 3 (of 3) | Uploaded: Feb 10, 2016
Categories:Superhero | Masked/Mystery Men
V-Man first appeared V...Comics #01 (Jan 1942) published by Fox Feature Syndicate. V...Comics only lasted two issues. V-Man then appeared 7 times in The Blue Beetle starting with issue #13 (Aug 1942).

During World War II, American Jerry Steele on a secret mission is captured by the Germans and put in a prisoner-of-war camp. He managed to free himself and the rest of the prisoners. Unfortunately he was recaptured and apparently executed, however, a peasant was able to bring him back to life with a herbal remedy and smuggle him to a safe refuge. There, a man named Father Duroc asked Steele to take an oath called the V-Pledge. Steele was suddenly possessed of great physical and mental fitness and courage, and was garbed in a patriotic costume. As V-Man, he fought enemy soldiers in Europe and England. His principal gimmick was a miniature radio in his ring.
Back in the States, he forms his own organisation of youths in defence of America, the V-Boys Defence Corps. The V-Boys, who each wore a sweater with a large V on the front. The V-Boys were aware of V-Man's secret identity and communicated with him using the aforementioned ring.
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