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Thumbnail for S.F. Stories from British WeekliesBritish story papers featured illustrated prose S.F. serials with weekly 3, 4, or 5 page episodes (occasionally fortnightly), from early '30's till they ceased publication.
These featured alien invasions of Earth, space ships, adventures on other worlds, monsters and apocalyptic disasters. All great fun with intrepid heroes and the odd mad scientist.
All thanks must go to hoover for his work in scanning and preserving these tales.
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S.F. Stories from British Weeklies

Raiders From The Red World 109 hoover / pawbroon Sep 11, 2017 75.51 833 49
The Black Beam 47 hoover / pawbroon Sep 11, 2017 33.55 899 41
The End Of The World 100 hoover / pawbroon Sep 11, 2017 80.68 1011 54
The Flying Fires From Nowhere 23 hoover / pawbroon Sep 11, 2017 11.90 675 45
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