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Thumbnail for The Schoolgirls' Own LibrarySchoolgirls' Own Library was published by The Amalgamated Press based at Fleetway House in Farringdon Street, London. The girls' equivalent of Schoolboys' Own Library.
It was first published on October 1922 and it ran until June 1940 for a total of 733 issues, before becoming another casualty of war-time paper shortages.
A second series was published between, October 1946 to September 1963, for a further total of 410 issues.
Like its companion, it consisted mainly of reprinted stories from other Amalgamated Press magazines like, School Friend, Schoolgirls' Own and Schoolgirls' Weekly.
The most popular stories were of Morcove School by Marjorie Stanton and Cliff House by Hilda Richards (Charles Hamilton).
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The Schoolgirls' Own Library

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