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Available Books:Titles: 8 | Books: 127
Latest Book:Big Shot 028 | Uploaded: May 13, 2015
Publication History: Active: 1940 - 1949 | Number of Series: 11 | Number of Issues: 152
Branding:Indicia Publishers: 4 | Brand Groups: 1 | Brand Emblems: 1
Indicia Publishers:Columbia Comic Corporation | Eastern Color Printing Co. | Holyoke Publishing Co. Inc. | Publication Enterprises
Brand Groups:A Columbia Comic Book
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Big Shot

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Title:Big Shot
Issues Available:100
Latest Issue:Big Shot 028 | Uploaded: May 13, 2015
(1940 series)
May 1940 - August 1949

Issues : #1-29 (BIG SHOT COMICS) #30-104 (BIG SHOT)

Artists on this title include Alfred Andriola, Mart Baily, Frank Beck, Ken Ernst, Ham Fisher, Creig Flessel, Fred Guardineer, Ray McGill, Jo Metzer, Boody Rogers, Fred Schwab, John H. Striebel, Frank Tinsley, J. H. Tuthill, & Ogden Whitney

The Face

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Title:The Face
Issues Available:2
Latest Issue:The Face 2 | Uploaded: Apr 11, 2015

Joe Palooka

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Title:Joe Palooka
Issues Available:3
Latest Issue:Joe Palooka 4 | Uploaded: Apr 12, 2015

Mickey Finn

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Title:Mickey Finn
Issues Available:5
Latest Issue:Mickey Finn 11 | Uploaded: Feb 27, 2015
(1944 series)
1944 - 1949

Issues: 11 (#5-15)

Tracking: Numbering continues from Mickey Finn (1942 series, Eastern Color).

Notes: Mickey Finn was a popular comic strip (1936-1976) created by Lank Leonard.

Artists on this title include Frank Beck & Lank Leonard


Thumbnail for Skyman
Issues Available:4
Latest Issue:Skyman 4 | Uploaded: Jul 20, 2013
(1941 series)
1941 - 1948

Issues: #1-4

Artists on this title include Boody Rogers, Fred Schwab & Ogden Whitney

Sparky Watts

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Title:Sparky Watts
Issues Available:10
Latest Issue:Sparky Watts 07 | Uploaded: Dec 22, 2013
(1942 series)
1942 - 1949

Issues: #1-10

Notes: Sparky Watts first appeared in a comic strip created by Boody Rogers in 1940.

Artists on this title include Frank Beck, Tom DeAngelo, Boody Rogers & Al Zere

Tony Trent

Thumbnail for Tony Trent
Title:Tony Trent
Issues Available:2
Latest Issue:Tony Trent 4 | Uploaded: Feb 22, 2011

One Shots

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Title:One Shots
Issues Available:1
One Shots:Ken Stuart 1
Latest Issue:Ken Stuart 1 | Uploaded: Jan 21, 2011
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