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Available Books:Titles: 8 | Books: 103
Latest Book:Cat-Man Comics 14 | Uploaded: Aug 4, 2017
Publication History: Active: 1942 - 1948 | Number of Series: 18 | Number of Issues: 85
Branding:Indicia Publishers: 2 | Brand Groups: 0 | Brand Emblems: 0
Indicia Publishers:Holyoke Publishing Co. | Holyoke Publishing Co., Inc.
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Blue Beetle

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Title:Blue Beetle
Issues Available:21
Latest Issue:Blue Beetle 29 | Uploaded: May 23, 2017
Categories:Superhero | Masked/Mystery Men
Publication History:Issues: 19 |  Sequence: #12 - #30 |  Dates: Jun 1942 - Feb 1944
External Links:Grand Comics Database

Captain Aero

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Title:Captain Aero
Issues Available:9
Latest Issue:Captain Aero Comics 02 | Uploaded: Apr 11, 2017
Categories:War/Armed Forces | Aviation
Publication History:Issues: 9 |  Sequence: v1 #8 - v2 #4 |  Dates: Feb 1942 - Jan 1943
External Links:Grand Comics Database
(1941 series)
December 1941 - August 1946

Issues: 23 (V1 #7-V1#12, V2 #1-V2#4, V3#9-V3#13, V4#2-V4#3, #21-26)

Tracking: Numbering continues from Green Hornet Comics (Helnit, 1939 series).

Imprints: Holyoke, Et-Es-Go Magazines

Notes: Numbering discrepancies appear to have some relation to changes back and forth with numbering of Holyoke's CAT-MAN.

Artists on this title include Nina Albright, George Appel, Raymond Briggs, L. B. Cole, Tony DiPreta, Carmine Infantino, Ed Murphy, Rudy Palais, Paul Parker, Charles Quinlan, Saul Rosen, & Allen Ulmer., & Ray Willner


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Issues Available:14
Latest Issue:Cat-Man Comics 14 | Uploaded: Aug 4, 2017
Categories:Superhero | Masked/Mystery Men
Publication History:Issues: 12 |  Sequence: v1 #11 - v3 #7 |  Dates: Jan 1942 - Jan 1943
External Links:Grand Comics Database


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Issues Available:12
Latest Issue:Contact Comics 01 | Uploaded: Jun 3, 2015
Categories:War/Armed Forces | Aviation
Publication History:Issues: 12 |  Sequence: #1 - #12 |  Dates: Jul 1944 - Jul 1946
External Links:Grand Comics Database
(1944 series)
July 1944 - July 1946

Issues: #1 - 12

Imprint: Aviation Press

Artists on this title include Nina ALbright, Greg Altman, George Appel, L. B. Cole, Tony Dipreta, Al Feldstein, Louis Ferstadt, John Giunta, George Gregg, Maurice Gutwirth, Al Hollingsworth, Carmine Infantino, Ezra Jackson, Gil Kane, Harvey Kurtzman, Rudy Palais, Paul Parker, Robert Q. Sale, Manny Stallman, Charles Tomsey, George Tukell, Tom Van Buren, Maurice Whitman

Holyoke One-Shot

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Title:Holyoke One-Shot
Issues Available:10
Latest Issue:Holyoke One-Shot 08 - The Blue Streak | Uploaded: Jun 1, 2017
Categories:One Shots
(1944 series)

Issues: #1-10

Note- Series title comes from Overstreet Comics Price Guide. Each issue is individually titled but sequentially numbered. Contents are reprints of issues published by some of Frank Z. Temerson's earlier companies such as Helnit Publishing Co. and Tem Publishing Co.

Artists on this title include Irwin Hasen, Pagsilang Rey Isip, Jack Kirby, Lee Lawrence, Ed Lipowski, Charles Quinlan, & George Storm

Sparkling Stars

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Title:Sparkling Stars
Issues Available:32
Latest Issue:Sparkling Stars 16 | Uploaded: Oct 12, 2016
Categories:Mixed Bag | Sports
Publication History:Issues: 32 |  Sequence: #1 - #32 |  Dates: Jun 1944 - Mar 1948
External Links:Grand Comics Database
(1944 series)
June 1944 - March 1948

Issues 32 (#1-33 -issue #32 was never published)

Imprint: Holyoke

Artists on this title include Jack Alderman, Thom C. Archer, Sol Brodsky, Herbert C. Browner, Hal Chambers, Milt Cohen, R. T. Golden, Sid Greene, Art Helfant, Carmine Infantino, Walter Johnson, Gus Jud, Harry Lazarus, Sidney Lazarus, Francois Leland, Regina Levander, Alan Mandel, Ed Moore, Charles Nicholas, Robert S. Pious, Saul Rosen, Bob Sanders, George Ukel, Al Ulmer, Morris S.Weiss, Ray Willner, & Charles W. Winter

Whirlwind Comics

Thumbnail for Whirlwind Comics
Title:Whirlwind Comics
Issues Available:3
Latest Issue:Whirlwind Comics 1 | Uploaded: Jul 9, 2012
Categories:Superhero | Masked/Mystery Men
Publication History:Issues: 3 |  Sequence: #1 - #3 |  Dates: Jun 1940 - Sep 1940
External Links:Grand Comics Database

One Shots

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Title:One Shots
Issues Available:2
One Shots:Real Hit Comics 01 | Veri Best Sure Fire Comics
Latest Issue:Veri Best Sure Fire Comics | Uploaded: Aug 23, 2015
Categories:One Shots
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