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Blazing Comics v2 1 (4)

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Blazing Comics
PublisherRural Home/Croydon | Date: | Lang: English
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Filesize 22.03mb consisting of 52 pages | Format: EBook
File nameblazing_comics_004_srca1941.cbz
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NotesThere is more information about this book at the bottom of the page
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Blazing Comics v2 1 (4) (4 of 7)
   By diego
Gran aporte¡¡¡
Additional Information
PublicationFebruary 1945 | Price: 0.10 USD | Pages: 1 | Frequency: Monthly
NotesArt id by Eric Schumacher.
FeaturingGreen Turtle
CreditsPencils: Chu Hing | Inks: Chu Hing
ContentGenre: Superhero
NotesArt id by Eric Schumacher.
Comic StoryMission to Chunking (9 pages)
FeaturingGreen Turtle
CreditsPencils: Chu Hing | Inks: Chu Hing
ContentGenre: Superhero | Characters: Green Turtle; Burma Boy; Wun Too; General Harford; Japanese army [Captain Hiro; others]
Notescredits and title by Craig Delich 9/05
Comic Story"Tommy Paige, marine combat correspondent, lends a new twist..." (6 pages)
FeaturingTommy Paige
CreditsPencils: Nina Albright | Inks: Nina Albright
ContentGenre: Adventure | Characters: Tommy Paige
NotesEric Schumacher gives art ID as 100% sure July 2008. A different comment: A tricky one here, as this is not Albright, but Bill Allison. Several facts point to that. The faces in close up in all these Tommy Paige stories are the same shape, narrower chin and jaw than Albright's more rounded in her signed stories of The Cadet in 4Most Comics. The overlip in the Allison close ups are always formed, either thin black waves or an open waved outline, while Albright just made an even line (males), never waves or outline. Allison had several small ink lines on the cheekbones, but Albright usually made one arch or none at all. The ears of Allison usually had several lines inside, often non-connected, while Albright most often used two Cs or a continuous S-figure. Allison had a funny way of drawing running people with outstretched legs really stepping on it, with Albright a bit more realistic. Allison had eyes in close up with pupils, very thin wavy eyebrows pointed at each end, while Albright had eyebrows a little thicker by the nose. Albright and Allison can be very difficult to separate. The artwork on the first four Tommy Paige stories is by the same artist, and the first is credited to Allison by Jim Vadeboncoeur, Jr. So if JVJ is right and the credited stories elsewhere are right, then all four are by Allison, not Albright. Compare these faces in close up with credited Allison stories like Jesse James in Cowboy Western #38 and Chameleon in Target Comics v5#5, and with Albright stories in 4Most Comics.
Comic StoryInca Sacrificial Rite (8 pages)
FeaturingBlack Buccaneer
CreditsPencils: Dick Briefer? | Inks: Dick Briefer?
ContentGenre: Adventure; Historical
NotesArt ID suggested by Gary Watson, June 2008. Jim Vadeboncoeur, Jr. has Gil Kane and/or Leonard Starr as possible artists here, as the artwork is identical to the five first in this feature. Some faces like Starr, and Kane with something like his signed Eli Katz stories, but hard to spot any Green Lantern-Kane.
Text StorySo I'm 4F (2 pages)
CreditsLetters: typeset
Comic Story"I'm the chief!" (4 pages)
FeaturingSuper Drooper and Drip
CreditsPencils: Art Moore | Inks: Art Moore
ContentGenre: Humor
NotesArt ID by Gary Watson, June 2008.
Comic StoryCargo of Death (7 pages)
FeaturingRed Hawk
CreditsPencils: Ken Battefield | Inks: Chu Hing
ContentGenre: War
NotesArt ID suggested by Gary Watson, June 2008. July 2008 Eric Schumacher confirms pencils 100% sure and gives credit to Chu Hing for inks 100% sure, Gary believed it to be Battefield inks.
Comic Story"World War II comes to the Tagoma village..." (6 pages)
CreditsPencils: Harold De Lay | Inks: Harold De Lay
ContentGenre: Jungle
NotesArt ID by Gary Watson, June 2008.
Comic StoryThe Corpse That Came Back (5 pages)
Synopsisformerly Mr. Ree
FeaturingMr. Lee
CreditsPencils: Henry Kiefer | Inks: Henry Kiefer
ContentGenre: Superhero
NotesArt ID by Gary Watson, June 2008.
The data in the additional content section is courtesy of the Grand Comics Database under a Creative Commons Attribution License. More details about this comic may be available in their page here
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