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Nightmare #1

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PublisherZiff-Davis | Date: | Lang: English
Uploaded  by cimmerian32
Filesize 29.76mb consisting of 37 pages | Format: EBook
File nameNightmare_01__1952_06.Ziff_Davis___c2c.Cimmerian32_.cbr
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Nightmare #1 (1 of 2)
Comic Book Cover For Nightmare #1
Nightmare #1 (1 of 2)
   By Poztron
Nearly perfect crisp scan. Huzzah.
Additional Information
PublicationSummer 1952 | Price: 0.10 USD | Pages: 1
NotesCover art credit authenticated by article in ILLUSTRATION MAGAZINE No. 18 Winter 2007 - Gene Reed 11/27/2010.
CreditsPencils: Allen Anderson (painting) | Inks: Allen Anderson (painting) | Colors: Allen Anderson (painting)
ContentGenre: Horror-suspense
NotesCover art credit authenticated by article in ILLUSTRATION MAGAZINE No. 18 Winter 2007 - Gene Reed 11/27/2010.
AdvertisementThe Burgess all-purpose electric sprayer (1 page)
NotesPage includes indicia. Printed on inside front cover.
Comic StoryThe Blood Ship (8 pages)
SynopsisThe ship the Gloris Dune is christened but at the launch runs over a drunken sailor who curses it at the loss of his hand. Embittered, he signs aboard the whaler and burns her down. Hoping as the only survivor no one will know, he books passage aboard a mysterious whaler and learns it's the ghost ship, with dire consequences for him!
CreditsPencils: George Tuska | Inks: George Tuska
ContentGenre: Horror-suspense
NotesGeorge Tuska not credited in issue.
Comic StoryThe Corpse That Wouldn't Stay Dead (8 pages)
SynopsisTom hates his brother Jeff. They both get caught in a terrible snow storm and find shelter in a log cabin with no food. In desperation they hunt in the storm and Tom trips, accidentally shooting his disbelieving brother. He buries him in the snow outside the cabin only to have him appear in the cabin the following 2 mornings. Found screaming, Tom is locked up in a hospital and ends his life digging up his brother to prove to him he didn't kill him.
CreditsPencils: George Tuska | Inks: George Tuska
ContentGenre: Horror-suspense
NotesGeorge Tuska not credited in issue.
NotesAd for Ziff-Davis Comics Group titles: Flyboy, The Hawk, Spacebusters, Speed Smith, Eerie Mysteries, Beanbags, Explorer Joe, Wild Boy, Crime Clinic, Crusader from Mars, Weird Thrillers, Kid Cowboy, Sparkie, Ellery Queen, and GI Joe. Mock covers with just logos and one line identifying description.
Text StoryJardini's Jaw (2 pages)
CreditsLetters: typeset
Comic StoryThe Fatal Note (7 pages)
SynopsisWalt and Eve are sailing and just as Eve is assured of Walt's love for her their boat is wrecked in a storm. Walt holds onto a spar to keep afloat and Eve drowns, screaming for help. Walt blames himself. After a time he thinks himself safe as he meets Morta, keeper of the lighthouse, who claims to know that he let Eve drown. Signing a note, Walt is sent back to the land of the living and on discharge from hospital gradually falls in love with Eve's best friend. But he is haunted by images of Eve's face as she was drowning. Leaving for Paris his flight goes down in the ocean in which he jumps to be with Eve.
CreditsPencils: Syd Shores | Inks: Syd Shores | Letters: Ben Oda
ContentGenre: Horror-suspense
NotesArt credit added by Gene Reed - 12/28/2010
Comic StoryThe Tunnel of Horror (4 pages)
SynopsisTwo bums are scouring the beach and discover a valuable ring, which leads one to kill the other. He then tries to persuade a former fairground colleague to allow him to rejoin the partnership as he now has money. Refusing, the colleague sees that the bum has indeed got money and is setting himself up in competition, and sends the Police round to frighten him. The bum rushes into the Tunnel of Horror to 'see' his murdered victim and dies in the tunnel.
ContentGenre: Horror-suspense
Comic StoryVision of the Gods (1 page)
SynopsisTwo photographers film temples in Ceylon and suddenly see a dancing beauty. On return they find everything fine except she does not appear on their film.
CreditsPencils: Everett Raymond Kinstler (signed) | Inks: Everett Raymond Kinstler (signed)
ContentGenre: Horror-suspense
AdvertisementFlash! Special Sale! This Month Only! (1 page)
NotesAd for Casa de Joyas, New York - selling watches, rings and pendants.
AdvertisementThe Chevalier Health Supporter Belt (1 page)
SynopsisLifts and flattens your bulging "bay window".
NotesAd for Ronnie Sales Inc, New York. On inside back cover.
AdvertisementCharles Atlas (1 page)
NotesAd for Charles Atlas. On back cover.
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