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Whiz Comics 4 (3)

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Whiz Comics
PublisherFawcett | Date: | Lang: English
Uploaded  by darkmark
Filesize 11.91mb consisting of 68 pages | Format: EBook
File nameWhiz_Comics__Fawcett__003__F___1940___c2c___Darkmark_DC
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NotesThere is more information about this book at the bottom of the page
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Comic Book Cover For Whiz Comics 4 (3)
Whiz Comics 4 (3) (3 of 158)
   By Stoop Davy Dave
"Beautia for President!" does not appear in this issue of Whiz Comics. "Sivana's Venusian Kingdom" is the title of this issue's Captain Marvel story, and this story takes place, mostly on Venus, before Beautia visits Earth to run for President (May 1940). Whiz Comics dtd April 1940 (called #3B @ the DC Comics Database site, and called #3 on the cover) = Sivana's Venusian Kingdom. Whiz Comics dtd May 1940 (called #4 @ the DC Comics Database site, and on the cover) = Beautia for President.
   By k9feline
Now this is more like it! A trip to Venus! Giant frogs! An even gianter lizard beast! Sivana learns Billy's secret! (Billy's awfully careless about saying Shazam in front of everybody in these early issues. Sivana's just the only one who's able to put two and two together, which by itself proves he has at least average intelligence.) The debut of Beautia! The debut of Sivana's distinctive evil laugh ("Heh heh heh!")! And a beauty contest for...some reason. (It seems it's only function is to give Billy a chance to track down Sivana and Beutia.) All in all, a fun story.
   By crashryan
As far as I'm concerned, any comic featuring giant frogs wearing funnels for hats, is a great comic.
Additional Information
PublicationApril 1940 | Price: 0.10 USD | Pages: 68 | Frequency: monthly | Editing: Bill Parker
NotesThe indicia says "Vol. 1, No 4", but the cover has "Number 3" on it. On sale date from the publication date found in the Catalog of Copyright Entries, Part 2, Periodicals, New Series, Volume 35, 1940, Number 2. Class B periodical Copyright number B 447071. Reported as issue #4 to the Copyright Office. One sale date confirmed as February 23 in the promotion advertisement for this issue on the back cover of Master Comics (Fawcett, 1940 series) #1.
CoverMake Way for Captain Marvel!
FeaturingCaptain Marvel
CreditsPencils: C. C. Beck | Inks: C. C. Beck | Letters: typeset
ContentGenre: Superhero | Characters: Captain Marvel [Billy Batson]
Comic StoryBeautia for President (11 pages)
SynopsisBilly receives a news tip from an eccentric professor, not knowing the man is actually Sivana, who rockets with Billy to the planet Venus. Captain Marvel is captured as Sivana and Beautia head back to Earth, where the evil scientist plans on using a paralyzing gas over America, making every man, woman, and child his slave.
FeaturingCapt. Marvel
CreditsScript: Bill Parker | Pencils: C. C. Beck | Inks: C. C. Beck | Colors: Bill Parker
ContentGenre: Superhero | Characters: Captain Narvel [Billy Batson]; Dr. Thaddeus Bodog Sivana [aka Professor Xerxes Smith] (villain, learns Captain Marvel's secret identity); Beautia Sivana (villain, introduction, Sivana's daughter)[aka Emperess of Venus]; Joe (villain); Spike (villain)
Comic StoryThe Murderous Mex Kane (8 pages)
FeaturingGolden Arrow
CreditsScript: Bill Parker | Pencils: Pete Costanza | Inks: Pete Costanza | Colors: Bill Parker
ContentGenre: Western-frontier | Characters: Mex Kane (Villain; Intro); Comanche Pete (Villain; Intro); Brand Braddock (Villain; Death); Bronk and Brute Braddock (Villain)
Comic StoryThe Mask's Anti-Aircraft Gun (9 pages)
FeaturingSpy Smasher
CreditsScript: Bill Parker | Pencils: C. C. Beck? | Inks: Pete Costanza | Colors: Bill Parker
ContentGenre: Spy; Superhero | Characters: The Mask (Villain)
FeaturingBrain Teasers
Text StoryDeath Pass (2 pages)
CreditsLetters: typeset
Comic StoryThe Return of King Senwosri (8 pages)
FeaturingIbis the Invincible
CreditsScript: Bill Parker | Pencils: C. C. Beck | Inks: Pete Costanza? | Colors: Bill Parker
ContentGenre: Superhero | Characters: King Senwosri (Intro)
Notescontinued next issue
Comic StoryGem of Doom (8 pages)
FeaturingDan Dare
CreditsScript: Bill Parker | Pencils: Greg Duncan | Inks: Greg Duncan | Colors: Bill Parker
ContentGenre: Detective-mystery
Notescontinued next issue
Comic StoryThe Fountain of Youth (8 pages)
FeaturingScoop Smith
CreditsScript: Bill Parker | Pencils: Greg Duncan | Inks: Greg Duncan | Colors: Bill Parker
ContentGenre: Detective-mystery
Comic StoryThe Island of Knife Scarr (8 pages)
FeaturingLance O'Casey
CreditsScript: Bill Parker | Pencils: Bob Kingett? | Inks: Bob Kingett? | Colors: Bill Parker
ContentGenre: Adventure | Characters: Knife Scarr (Villain; Intro)
Cartoon"Poor Lizzie's love is all in vane!" (1 page)
ContentGenre: Humor
The data in the additional content section is courtesy of the Grand Comics Database under a Creative Commons Attribution License. More details about this comic may be available in their page here
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