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Popular Comics #46

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Popular Comics
PublisherDell Comics / Western Publishing | Date: | Lang: English
Uploaded  by freddyfly
Filesize 47.7mb consisting of 68 pages | Format: EBook
File namePopular046Etapi_Sooth.cbr
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NotesComplete paper! First Martan the Marvel Man!
There is more information about this book at the bottom of the page
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Comic Book Cover For Popular Comics #46
Popular Comics #46 (31 of 135)
Additional Information
PublicationDecember 1939 | Price: 0.10 USD | Pages: 1 | Frequency: monthly
FeaturingThe Masked Pilot
CreditsPencils: Al McWilliams [as AMcW] (signed) | Inks: Al McWilliams [as AMcW] (signed)
ContentGenre: Adventure; Aviation | Characters: The Black Phantom
Text ArticleWinners of the August Popular Comics Contest
CreditsPencils:? (photos) | Inks:? (photos) | Letters: typeset
NotesOn inside front cover in black, white and red.
Text ArticleWinners of July Contest
CreditsLetters: typeset
NotesOn inside front cover in black and white.
Comic Story"Once more - A-B-C-D-E" (2 pages)
CreditsScript:? [as Stan] (credited) | Pencils:? [as Stan] (credited) | Inks:? [as Stan] (credited)
ContentGenre: Adventure; Humor | Characters: Toby; Oomog; Booey; Titus Wad (first appearance)
AdvertisementPush-Button Railroading
FeaturingThe Lionel Corporation
Text ArticleWinners of the July Popularity Poll
CreditsLetters: typeset
Comic Story"What are ya pickin th' weeds for, Dinny?" (1 page)
CreditsScript: Clyde Lewis (credited) | Pencils: Clyde Lewis (credited) | Inks: Clyde Lewis (credited)
ContentGenre: Humor | Characters: Herky; Dinny
Comic Story"Far off in space on the planet Antaclea" (8 pages)
FeaturingMartan the Marvel Man
CreditsScript: G. Ellerbrock (credited) | Pencils: William Kent (credited) | Inks: William Kent (credited)
ContentGenre: Adventure; Science Fiction | Characters: Martan the Marvel Man (first appearance, origin); Vana (first appearance, origin)
Comic Story"Listen, Alan, how about setting out on a real trip" (8 pages)
FeaturingThe Hurricane Kids
CreditsScript: Albert Hartje (credited) | Pencils: Will Ely (credited) | Inks: Will Ely (credited)
ContentGenre: Adventure; Historical | Characters: The Hurricane Kids [Alan Burnham; Dave Burnham]; Maya (first appearance); Omu (first appearance)
NotesMaya and Omu are named in Popular Comics #47.
Comic Story"Well, Herky, what do you think of your new sister by this time? (1 page)
SynopsisHerky's mother asks him what he really thinks of his baby sister.
CreditsScript: Clyde Lewis (credited) | Pencils: Clyde Lewis (credited) | Inks: Clyde Lewis (credited)
ContentGenre: Humor | Characters: Herky; Honey; Herky's mother
Comic Story"At exactly 12 o'clock noon" (6 pages)
FeaturingGang Busters
CreditsPencils: Al McWilliams [as A. McWilliams] (signed) | Inks: Al McWilliams [as A. McWilliams] (signed)
ContentGenre: Crime | Characters: John Winston (first appearance); Pete Baxter (first appearance); Tony Carter (first appearance); The Red Hood Gang [Dutch Orlando (villain); Kid Grant (villain); Spike Morganti (villain, death)]
Comic Story"He's off!! Ol' Doc Stork is on his way..." (1 page)
SynopsisHerky finds out he just got a baby sister.
CreditsScript: Clyde Lewis (credited) | Pencils: Clyde Lewis (credited) | Inks: Clyde Lewis (credited)
ContentGenre: Humor | Characters: Herky; Herky's father
Comic StoryThe Mystery of Mr. Wong [Part 4] (8 pages)
SynopsisProfessor Janney is revealed as the murderer.
FeaturingMr. Wong
CreditsPencils: Tom Hickey (signed) | Inks: Tom Hickey (signed)
ContentGenre: Detective-mystery | Characters: Mr. Wong; Sgt. Street; Officer Flaherty; Officer Morgan; Professor Janney (villain); Valerie Edwards; Peter Harrison; Count Alexis Petrovitch [as Ivan Strogonoff] (identity revealed); Sing; Mr. Carslake
NotesAn adaptation of the Monogram Pictures movie - Boris Karloff in "The Mystery of Mr. Wong."
Comic Story"This sign will attract these money hungry cowboys!" (4 pages)
FeaturingBronc Peeler
CreditsScript: Fred Harman (credited) | Pencils: Fred Harman (signed) | Inks: Fred Harman (signed)
ContentGenre: Western-frontier | Characters: Bronc Peeler; Pete [also as Coyote Pete]; Wheezie; Bullneck the Terrible
Comic Story"At a conference of high aviation officials" (8 pages)
SynopsisThe Masked Pilot battles the Black Phantom.
FeaturingMasked Pilot
CreditsPencils: Bob Jenney (credited) | Inks: Bob Jenney (credited)
ContentGenre: Adventure; Aviation | Characters: The Masked Pilot; Tom; The Black Phantom (villain)
Comic Story"Shark Egan has just finished a dicker with Mai Ti" (4 pages)
FeaturingShark Egan
ContentGenre: Adventure; Historical | Characters: Shark Egan; Ace O'Doul; Mary McDermot; Kanaka Lew; Captain Mai Ti; Angkar; One-Eye Wendel [J. Wendel]; Grampus; Mr. Grype (villain); Koye (villain); Red Mack (villain)
Comic Story"I have found in this valley potassium deposits of unusually rich properties" (4 pages)
FeaturingTailspin Tommy
CreditsScript: Hal Forrest (credited) | Pencils: Hal Forrest (credited) | Inks: Hal Forrest (credited)
ContentGenre: Adventure; Aviation | Characters: Tailspin Tommy [Tommy Tomkins]; Skeets Milligan; Betty Lou Barnes; Paul Smith; Professor Otto Bumgartner; Miss Stanley; Mrs. Wilson; Jeems; Mr. Plotz; Mr. Trevor; Slade; Mr. Dunforth
Comic StoryPenguin Pete at the Luna Park (4 pages)
FeaturingPenguin Pete
CreditsScript: Win Smith (credited) | Pencils: Win Smith (signed) | Inks: Win Smith (signed)
ContentGenre: Humor; Anthropomorphic-funny Animals | Characters: Penguin Pete; Pudgie; Wilbur (a pig)
Comic Story"Oh lookit, Billy, there's Charlie Kangaroo!!"
FeaturingThe Comic Zoo
CreditsPencils: George Scarbo (signed) | Inks: George Scarbo (signed)
ContentGenre: Anthropomorphic-funny Animals | Characters: Rudy; Billy; Charlie Kangaroo
NotesSigned in last panel. You can only read part of the "g" and the "e" from George, and the "rbo" from Scarbo. The "o" is stylized with a vertical line going above and below the "o."
AdvertisementMiscellaneous Advertisements
Comic Story"Captain Tornado, Professor Bordani and his daughter Jane are risking their lives" (3 pages)
FeaturingCaptain Tornado
CreditsScript:? [as Kenneth Kennedy] (credited) | Pencils: Newt Alfred? | Inks: Newt Alfred?
ContentGenre: Science Fiction | Characters: Captain Tornado (first appearance); Professor Bordani (first appearance); Jane Bordani (first appearance)
NotesAccording to Jim Vadeboncoeur, Jr., Hames Ware identified Newt Alfred as the artist for the story in Popular Comics #49. The art in this story looks very similar to the art in that story, especially the silhouettes of Jane on the first page in each story.
ActivityCalling All Boys - and Girls! Be a Gang Buster! (1 page)
FeaturingPopular Comics Gang Buster Contest
NotesOn inside back cover in black, white and red.
AdvertisementBoys, Girls! (1 page)
FeaturingJohnson Smith & Co.
NotesBack cover.
The data in the additional content section is courtesy of the Grand Comics Database under a Creative Commons Attribution License. More details about this comic may be available in their page here
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