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Camel Cigs

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Comic Strip ads
PublisherComic Strip ads | Date: | Lang: English
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NotesMany with Sgt. Bilko
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Camel Cigs (1 of 3)
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Camel Cigs (1 of 3)
Additional Information
Page 1:Test Camels for 30 days YOUR "T-ZONE" WILL TELL YOU how well Camels agree with your throat!
Page 2:Experience taught me the big difference in cigarette quality. I learned that Camels suit my "T-ZONE" to a "T" - S Arthur Siebke (Open Champion Eastern Ice Yachting Association)
Page 3:Camels are the choice of experience with me. They're mild, cool, full flavored!" - Adrian Grasselly (Diamond Cutter)
Page 4:Pleasure helps your disposition! For more pure pleasure have a CAMEL. No other cigarette is so rich-tasting yet so mild!
Page 5:Ever feel touchy as a turkey-gobbler? - It sure can happen, when annoyances pile up. So, remember - pleasure helps your disposition. If you're a smoker, you'll get more pure pleasure from Camels!
Page 6:It's A Psychological Fact. Pleasure helps your disposition! Mmmmm. Good, rich taste ... cool and mild ... every puff pure pleasure.
Page 7:With Men In The Army, Navy, Marine Corps, And The Coast Guard, The Favorite Cigarette Is Camel - Based on actual sales records
Page 8:Explorer Nicol Smith says: "I've learned from EXPERIENCE that cool, mild CAMELS suit me best!"
Page 9:Indianapolis Speed King Johnnie Parsons says "My Camel 30-day test proved how MILD a cigarette can be! Camels suit my throat and taste to a "T"!
Page 10:Henry Fonda says: "It was the sensible 30-day test that convinced me! Camels agree with my throat and have a rich flavor I didn't find in any other cigarette!"
Page 11:She's In the Navy Now! ... and Petty Officer Phyllis _______* tells you what it's like to be one of Uncle Sam's WAVES * name omitted by regulation.
Page 12:"Camels taste so FRESH and flavorful and they're so easy on my THROAT - Jean Curran, War Worker at the Sperry Gyroscope Co.
Page 13:"Camels are first with me too ... EASY ON MY THROAT and so flavorful - War Worker Frieda Traynor
Page 14:New York got its first look at Miss Piazza as Nedda in "I Pagliacci". She won unanimous praise of the critics and became a success in opera over night!
Page 15:Millions Give Her The Eye - Vivacious Kyle MacDonnell is a television favorite - In a coast-to-coast test of hundreds of men and women who smoked Camels - and only Camels - for 30 days, noted throat specialists, making weekly examinations, reported NOT ONE SINGLE CASE OF THROAT IRRITATION DUE TO SMOKING CAMELS!
Page 16:His Business Address ... The JUNGLE! - Lewis Cotlow famed explorer armed with only a camera ... has made "actors" of the 7-foor Watusi Giants and the Pigmies of Africa ...
Page 17:TRAPPED By A Shark 50 Feet Under The Sea - Here's what happened to Walter Diesel while spear-fishing off Florida ...
Page 18:Sgt. Bilko Meets His Match - A rookie takes Bilko for 3 cartons of Camels
Page 19:Sgt. Bilko Does Doberman A "Favor" - Colonel Hall orders Bilko to give his Camel packet to Doberman
Page 20:Sgt. Bilko Serves His Men - Bilko's plan to use the cute Corporal to serve punch back-fires
Page 21:Sgt. Bilko Does The Talking - Bilko and Rocco hitch a ride and Bilko says too much
Page 22:Sgt. Bilko And Doberman Meet Aunt Mary - For once Doberman gets the better out of Bilko
Page 23:Sgt. Bilko Goes Back To School - Miss Rosyln is transferred and Miss Cragshaw now takes the class
Page 24:Sgt. Bilko Pack 'Em In - Bilko wins 10 cartons of Camels with his business idea
Page 25:Sgt. Bilko Gets A Shock - Poor Bilko is left speechless when Nancy put on her Major's uniform
Page 26:Sgt. Bilko Puts On A Show - "Fort Baxter Follies! Benefit to buy CAMELS for Bilko's Platoon Rec. hall Tonight!"
Page 27:FEEL LIKE CRYING OVER SPILT MILK? Can't blame you. But remember: pleasure helps you disposition. And, if you're a smoker, there's more pleasure in Camels!
Page 28:Sgt. Bilko Protects His Investment - After being called Curly, Bilko backs a winner with 25 bucks
Page 29:Sgt. Bilko Wind Up With The Dummy - Private Doberman gets to escort the movie star Lola Loverly
Page 30:Sgt. Bilko Blocks The Traffic - Bilko finally talks sense after his standard patter fails
Page 31:Sgt. Bilko - Rocco fill in a new recruit about Army essentials. Discover the difference between "just smoking" and Camels!
Page 32:Sgt. Bilko Keeps A Promise - Colonel Hall thinks his mind is playing tricks after he sees reindeer on the parade ground. But remember Bilko is about!
Page 33:Sgt. Bilko Makes A Point - Zimmerman asks a rather silly question and learns there is nothing like the real thing
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