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Famous Funnies #91

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Famous Funnies
PublisherEastern Color | Date: | Lang: English
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Filesize 60.32mb consisting of 61 pages | Format: EBook
File nameFamous_Funnies_091__61_of_68pgs__no_BR_rangerhouse_Yoc.
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NotesDue to copyright concerns Buck Rogers has been removed.
There is more information about this book at the bottom of the page
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Comic Book Cover For Famous Funnies #91
Famous Funnies #91 (93 of 219)
Additional Information
PublicationFebruary 1942 | Price: 0.10 USD; 0.15 CAD | Pages: 1 | Frequency: monthly
FeaturingOaky Doaks
CreditsScript: Stephen Douglas? | Pencils: Stephen Douglas (signed) | Inks: Stephen Douglas (signed)
ContentGenre: Humor
Notesinside front cover
Cartoon"How can I keep abreast?" (1 page)
FeaturingLife's Like That
ContentGenre: Humor
Notes3 cartoons
Comic Story"Look, Barney!" (6 pages)
FeaturingBuck Rogers
CreditsScript: Dick Calkins? | Pencils: Dick Calkins (signed) | Inks: Dick Calkins
ContentGenre: Science Fiction | Characters: Buck Rogers
Comic Story"Trapped by frenzied man-eating savages..." (6 pages)
FeaturingFearless Flint "The Famous Flint Man"
CreditsPencils: Harry G. Peter [as HG Peter] (signed) | Inks: Harry G. Peter [as HG Peter] (signed)
ContentGenre: Superhero | Characters: Famous Flint [Jack Bradley]; John Anderson; June Anderson
Comic Storyuntitled gag (1 page)
CreditsScript: Clifford McBride | Pencils: Clifford McBride | Inks: Clifford McBride
ContentGenre: Humor
Comic Story"Do you mean to say that this smoke is poison?" (5 pages)
SynopsisConnie, commander of the United Military Forces, has been captured by the nefarious Ko Lin and sent to the torture chamber. Jack and Dr. Chrono succeed in freeing her from her captors, but are quickly followed in space ships.......which Chrono manages to hurl back into time with his time machine.
CreditsScript: Frank Godwin (signed) | Pencils: Frank Godwin (signed) | Inks: Frank Godwin (signed)
ContentGenre: Science Fiction | Characters: Connie; Jack; Dr. Chrono; Ko Lin (villain); Ko-Wai-Kong (villain, torturer)
NotesThanks to Jon Ingersoll for dates of original syndication. Continued from previous issue and continued in the next issue. Story takes place in the year 2941.
Comic StoryDanger Thin Ice (1 page)
CreditsScript: Arthur Poinier (signed) | Pencils: Arthur Poinier (signed) | Inks: Arthur Poinier (signed)
ContentGenre: Humor
Comic Story"Mister Chairman!" (5 pages)
FeaturingDickie Dare
CreditsScript: Coulton Waugh (signed) | Pencils: Coulton Waugh (signed) | Inks: Coulton Waugh (signed)
ContentGenre: Adventure
Comic Story"Scarlet entered the apartment..." (4 pages)
SynopsisShiltz and Iltz come to see Ivan and discovers that the two plan to destroy the aeronautics plant that Iva's twin brother is stationed at. They plan for Ivan to take Paul's place at the plant and destroy it from within, but Scarlet invisibly follows them and is unknowingly knocked into a well.
FeaturingInvisible Scarlet O'Neil
CreditsPencils: Tom Dorr [as Russell Stamm] (signed) | Inks: Tom Dorr [as Russell Stamm] (signed)
ContentGenre: Adventure | Characters: Scarlet O'Neill; Paul Itch (Ivan's twin brother); Ivan Itch (villain); Shiltz (villain); Iltz (villain)
NotesScript revision from Dorr to ? by Craig Delich. The Who's Who indicates that Dorr only drew this feature and no extant evidence proves that he wrote it. Story continued from previous issue and continued next issue.
Comic Story"I think he's above--listen!" (5 pages)
FeaturingScorchy Smith
CreditsPencils: Bert Christman (signed) | Inks: Bert Christman (signed)
ContentGenre: Adventure
Comic Story"Well, this is gonna take a lot of wind..." (1 page)
CreditsScript: Clifford McBride | Pencils: Clifford McBride | Inks: Clifford McBride
ContentGenre: Humor
Comic Story"There's Certiorari!" (4 pages)
FeaturingOaky Doaks
CreditsScript: R. B. Fuller (signed) | Pencils: R. B. Fuller (signed) | Inks: R. B. Fuller (signed)
ContentGenre: Adventure; Humor
Comic Story"Ulp!" (4 pages)
FeaturingSky Roads
CreditsScript: Russell Keaton (signed) | Pencils: Russell Keaton (signed) | Inks: Russell Keaton (signed)
ContentGenre: Adventure
Comic Story"I think we may have found something important!" (5 pages)
FeaturingRoy Powers
ContentGenre: Adventure
Comic Story"Look at my silk hat!" (1 page)
CreditsScript: Clifford McBride | Pencils: Clifford McBride | Inks: Clifford McBride
ContentGenre: Humor
Comic Story"We'll have to shoot all of his scenes over..." (2 pages)
FeaturingOlly of the Movies
Text StoryNothing Could Happen (2 pages)
CreditsScript: E. Albert Willard | Letters: typeset
Comic StoryFinders Keepers! (1 page)
FeaturingMescal Ike
CreditsScript: S. L. Huntley (signed) | Pencils: S. L. Huntley (signed) | Inks: S. L. Huntley (signed)
ContentGenre: Humor
Comic Story"Shh! This is Uncle Zeke's cabin!" (3 pages)
FeaturingChief Wahoo
CreditsScript: Wog (signed) | Pencils: Wog (signed) | Inks: Wog (signed)
Comic Story"Gee, it snowed last night!" (1 page)
CreditsScript: Clifford McBride | Pencils: Clifford McBride | Inks: Clifford McBride
ContentGenre: Humor
The data in the additional content section is courtesy of the Grand Comics Database under a Creative Commons Attribution License. More details about this comic may be available in their page here
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