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Coo Coo Comics #31 - Version 2

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Coo Coo Comics
PublisherBetter / Nedor / Standard / Pines | Date: | Lang: English
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NotesTuffy only
There is more information about this book at the bottom of the page
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Coo Coo Comics #31 - Version 2 (33 of 60)
Additional Information
PublicationJanuary 1947 | Price: 0.10 USD | Pages: 52 | Frequency: every other month | Editing: Ned Pines [as N. L. Pines]
CreditsPencils: Dan Gordon? | Inks: Dan Gordon?
ContentGenre: Anthropomorphic-funny Animals
Comic Story"Oh, Supermouse! Come off that easel and track down..." (8 pages)
CreditsScript: Richard E. Hughes | Pencils: Allan Hubbard ? | Inks: Allan Hubbard ? | Job #: AC-686
ContentGenre: Anthropomorphic-funny Animals
Comic Story"Boyoboy, what fun!" (5 pages)
CreditsPencils: Jack Bradbury (signed) | Inks: Jack Bradbury | Job #: AC-643
ContentGenre: Anthropomorphic-funny Animals
Comic Story"Stop where you are!" (6 pages)
CreditsPencils: Gil Turner (signed) | Inks: Gil Turner | Job #: AC-474
ContentGenre: Anthropomorphic-funny Animals
Text StoryFerdinand's Puzzle Contest (2 pages)
CreditsScript: Alexander Samalman (credited) | Pencils:? (illustration) | Inks:? (illustration) | Letters: typeset | Job #: AY-762
ContentGenre: Anthropomorphic-funny Animals
Comic Story"Hoot, Mon!--What's troublin' ye, Laddie?" (6 pages)
FeaturingMarco Poodle
CreditsPencils: Don R. Christensen [as Don Arr] (signed) | Inks: Don R. Christensen | Job #: AC-657
ContentGenre: Anthropomorphic-funny Animals
ActivityAnimated Cut Outs (1 page)
CreditsPencils:? [as Hudson] | Inks:? [as Hudson] | Job #: None
ContentGenre: Anthropomorphic-funny Animals
Comic StoryEggbert and the Rackity Coon (6 pages)
CreditsPencils: Gil Turner (signed) | Inks: Gil Turner | Job #: AC-447
ContentGenre: Anthropomorphic-funny Animals
Comic StoryThe Pilfering Pup!
CreditsJob #: AC-767
ContentGenre: Anthropomorphic-funny Animals
Comic Story"Listen to what it says here Oink!" (6 pages)
SynopsisPigs Oink and Yoink buy a mink trap from a mail order ad. They catch a bear but think he's a mink. Oink and Yoink take him home; when the bear hibernates for the winter, they remove his fur. The fur dealer refuses to buy the pelt, telling them it's not mink. The bear reclaims his fur and spanks Oink and Yoink.
FeaturingOink and Yoink
CreditsScript: Warren Foster (credited) | Pencils: Ed Dunn (credited) | Inks: Ed Dunn | Job #: AC-355
ContentGenre: Anthropomorphic-funny Animals | Characters: Oink; Yoink; bear
NotesThere are several dialogue references to "red points," referring to World War Two rationing (red points were for meat, butter, fats, etc.). Rationing in the USA ended in 1946; although the cover date is January 1947, this issue was certainly on sale several months before that and so the story was probably written when rationing was still in effect.
Text Story"The Flying Spider (1 page)
CreditsScript: Alison Leslie (credited) | Pencils:? (illustration) | Inks:? (illustration) | Letters: typeset | Job #: AY-763?
ContentGenre: Anthropomorphic-funny Animals
Comic Story"There goes Raymond on a rampage again! (6 pages)
CreditsScript: Mike Maltese (credited) | Pencils: Lynn Karp (signed) | Inks: Lynn Karp | Job #: AC-421
ContentGenre: Anthropomorphic-funny Animals
The data in the additional content section is courtesy of the Grand Comics Database under a Creative Commons Attribution License. More details about this comic may be available in their page here
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