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Davy Crockett's Almanack 1839

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Davy Crockett's Almanack
PublisherDavy Crockett's Almanack | Date: | Lang: English
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Additional Information
Buying a Horse
There was a feller from down East, to a town called Varmount, that come into our parts to sell his hosses. He squinted with one eye, and the other kept looking up for rain. So my wife keered about him, and she was in a great flustification to go a shopping at the place where he was, and buy her a saddle hoss. So she went and got one. She paid forty dollars for it and brought it home, for I'm sure it couldn't bring her.
My wife was never no judge of the article, though she could tell a bear from a panther by the feel of his bite, if it was so dark that she could n't hear herself talk. The hoss was lame in his fore legs and hind legs too, and he had a crook in his tail. He was blind of one eye and deaf of both ears. He couldn't stand up, he was so infirm, and he couldn't lay down becase his bowels were out of order.
So the hoss-jockey was to come the next morning arter his money. I put a halter around the neck of the cretur and tied his head up to the limb of a tree. I put an old saddle on his back, and put a bridle on him. I fixed the bridle so that the least strain would break it off the bitts, by taking out the stitches. Then I went into the woods and got a hornets' neest, and stopped it up so that the creturs couldn't git out.
In the morning the feller cum arter his pay. I begun to praise the hoss, and telled him the animal was so spirited, I did n't like for my wife to ride him. He said he was as gentle as a lamb. I axed him to get on and let me see how he would go. The jockey leeped up and got in the saddle. As soon as he had lighted on the beast, I beat in the hornets' neest, and flung it agin the boss's backsides.
The animal showed some spirit then, for the little varmints cum out, and spurred up the cretur most beautiful. He set out on the full run, and the bridle broke right off in the jockey's hand. The boss then dug through the forest, without stopping to count the leaves, and the feller clung to the hoss's mane, like a chesnut burr to a bearskin.
The last I heered of him, he was seen up by the fork of Duck River, going through the country like a runaway steamboat. He never cum back arter his money.
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