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Weird Tales v01 01 - Ooze - Anthony M. Rud

Weird Tales
PublisherHorror | Date: | Lang: English
Uploaded  by Pulpshmoo
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Weird Tales v01 01 - Ooze - Anthony M. Rud
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Weird Tales v01 01 - Ooze - Anthony M. Rud
   By Pulpshmoo
This was the first Weird Tales story. If only we could get an original physical copy of that first issue! This particular tale is said to be one of the chief reasons for 30s censorship, silly as it might seem today. It's one of my favorite stories. May we all end up as ooze. Pulpshmoo
Additional Information
PublicationMarch 1923 | Price: $0.25 | Pages: 196 | Cover Artist: R. R. Epperly
PublisherThe Rural Publishing Corp. | Editor : Edwin Baird
Notes mar. 1923→apr. 1923
Volume 1, Number 1 Additional data from the Girasol Collectibles facsimile reprint of this issue.
Page: 7The Dead Man's Tale - short story by Willard E. Hawkins
Page: 19Ooze - novelette by Anthony M. Rud
Page: 32The Thing of a Thousand Shapes (Part 1 of 2) - serial by Otis Adelbert Kline
Page: 41The Mystery of Black Jean - short story by Julian Kilman
Page: 47The Grave - short story by Orville R. Emerson
Page: 53Hark! The Rattle! - short story by Joel Townsley Rogers
Page: 59The Ghost Guard - short story by Bryan Irvine
Page: 65The Ghoul and the Corpse - short story by G. A. Wells
Page: 73Fear - short story by David R. Solomon
Page: 77The Chain - short story by Hamilton Craigie
Page: 89The Place of Madness - short story by Merlin Moore Taylor
Page: 98The Closing Hand - by Farnsworth Wright
Page: 100The Unknown Beast - short story by Howard Ellis Davis
Page: 106The Basket - short story by Herbert J. Mangham
Page: 110The Accusing Voice - novelette by Meredith Davis
Page: 119The Sequel - by Walter Scott Story
Page: 122The Weaving Shadows - short story by W. H. Holmes
Page: 130|130.1Queer Tribes of Savages Found in Africa - essay by uncredited
Page: 130|130.2African Brides Must Be Plump - essay by uncredited
Page: 131Nimba, the Cave Girl - short story by R. T. M. Scott
Page: 135The Young Man Who Wanted to Die - short story by ? ? ?
Page: 140The Scarlet Night - short story by William Sanford
Page: 143The Extraordinary Experiment of Dr. Calgroni - short story by Joseph Faus
Page: 143The Extraordinary Experiment of Dr. Calgroni - short story by James Bennett Wooding
Page: 149|149.1Ten Pallbearers for This Mamoth Woman - essay by uncredited
Page: 149|149.2Woman Starves to Feed Her Cats - essay by uncredited
Page: 150The Return of Paul Slavsky - short story by Capt. George Warburton Lewis
Page: 155Unearth Vast Wealth in Egyptian Tomb - essay by uncredited
Page: 156The House of Death - short story by F. Georgia Stroup
Page: 160"Evil Demon" Drives Man to Orgy of Crime - essay by uncredited
Page: 161The Gallows - short story by I. W. D. Peters
Page: 164The Skull - short story by Harold Ward
Page: 169The Ape-Man - short story by J. B. M. Clarke, Jr.
Page: 180The Eyrie (Weird Tales, March 1923) - essay by The Editor
The data in the additional content section is courtesy of the Internet Speculative Fiction Database under a Creative Commons Attribution License. More details about this book may be available in their page here
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