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Captain 3D 1 - Version 3

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PublisherHarvey Comics | Date: | Lang: English
Uploaded  by abranuk
Filesize 52.98mb consisting of 37 pages | Format: EBook
File nameCaptain_3D_001__1953_Better_contrast.cbz
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Captain 3D 1 - Version 3 (4 of 11)
   By Drusilla lives!
I was thumbing through this comic the other day and just had to come back to comment that there's some really great 50s Kirby artwork here... a real outstanding effort on his part imho. Didn't get a chance to read any of it, but it looks wonderful... and the copy is in pretty good shape, with a nicely done scan job. Thanks guys! I'll be back with my 3-D glasses as soon as I get the chance! :)
   By Drusilla lives!
As I said I would, I'm back with my 3-D glasses for a better look at this interesting one-shot from S&K. Overall, a decent and very quick read... the material is certainly tailored to the pre-teen reader... but the very well done Kirby art kept me going. I hadn't noticed before, but the whole "Captain 3-D" thing is indeed just a mildly interesting spin on their Captain America character. Right down to the child sidekick, Bucky, here represented by the Danny character. Not that original really, at first blush, but then if one thinks about it a little more... what a great story concept this would have made for Captain America's return! Much better than that whole "stuck in ice" stuff in my opinion. Captain America saved by an advanced race of beings in an alternate dimension whose portal to this one is an encoded 3-D comic that Bucky eventually comes into possession of?... Now that's a great concept for Cap's return/resurrection from his GA existence! Alas, S&K didn't have the "rights" to Cap, so I guess that's all that can be said on the matter... but I digress. Great scan, the 3-D effect is still very apparent throughout, particularly on the splash pages. Overall, Kirby imo did a tastful job in it's use... and it goes well with his rock em' sock em' visuals and expressive exaggerated anatomy. Although solid throughout, my favorite story was proabably the first... due to the glimpse it gave me into what might have been with that other Captain as mentioned above.
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