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The Star Weekly 1945-05-12

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The Star Weekly
PublisherNewspapers | Date: | Lang: English
Uploaded  by Gorgon776
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The Star Weekly 1945-05-12 (6 of 6)
   By John Kerry
Interesting look back at a time long ago. I recall reading this publication back in the 1960's. It had changed by that time to be more of an article oriented publication, though it still had plenty of photographs. As well it contained a story in serialized form (usually, three short Fu Manchu stories did appear in it in the 1950s). It was cancelled about 1969/1970 if I recall correctly. As a side note back in the 1990's our National Lottery Corp. produced an ad set in an older period for the 6/49 lottery. It had a guy go into a small corner store to get out of the rain and ends up flirting with the girl in the store and buying a ticket. When he steps out of the store at the end you can see a sign for the Star Weekly right above the door.
   By crashryan
I'm intrigued by the ad for tea on page 6. It assures us nurses drink tea but there's no pitch for a particular brand. Was there a campaign to drink tea rather than coffee? Like, save coffee for the troops or something? Or was tea losing market share so the Tea Council or somebody tried to drum up interest?
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