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Popular Comics #54 - Version 2

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Popular Comics
PublisherDell Comics / Western Publishing | Date: | Lang: English
Uploaded  by Dave Hayward
Filesize 48.5mb consisting of 68 pages | Format: EBook
File namePopular_Comics_054__diff_ver_.cbz
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NotesThere is more information about this book at the bottom of the page
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Comic Book Cover For Popular Comics #54 - Version 2
Popular Comics #54 - Version 2 (40 of 135)
   By atomahawk
It should be noted that this issue features the debut of backup feature Doctor Hormone, one of the obscure characters spotlighted in Jon Morris's book "The League of Regrettable Superheroes." Filled with weird characters and goofy, slightly ribald humor, it's surely one of the weirdest features of the Golden Age, and that is saying quite a bit. There's also the very hard-boiled "Crime Busters" plus some other charming oddities like The Voice, who wore invisible cellophane clothing, and weird space opera Captain Tornado.
Additional Information
PublicationAugust 1940 | Price: 0.10 USD | Pages: 1 | Frequency: monthly
FeaturingGang Busters
CreditsLetters: typeset
ContentGenre: Crime
Publisher advertisementWar Comics #3 (1 page)
ContentGenre: War
NotesOn inside front cover.
Comic Story"Our fighting forces all over America..." (8 pages)
FeaturingMartan the Marvel Man
CreditsScript: G. Ellerbrock (signed)
ContentGenre: Science Fiction | Characters: Martan the Marvel Man; Vana; General Pelton
NotesStory (c) 1940 by R. S. Callender.
Comic Story"Kim zoo mor!" (8 pages)
FeaturingThe Hurricane Kids
CreditsScript: Albert Hartje (signed) | Pencils: Will Ely (signed) | Inks: Will Ely (signed)
ContentGenre: Adventure | Characters: Hurricane Kids [Alan Burnham; Dave Burnham]; Omu; Captain Bill Brady; Logo; Maya
NotesCopr. 1940 by R. S. Callender. Art is signed on last page of story.
Comic Story"C'mon, Noodles..."
CreditsScript: Clyde Lewis | Pencils: Clyde Lewis | Inks: Clyde Lewis
ContentGenre: Humor | Characters: Herky; Honey; Noodles Nelson
NotesCopr. 1938 by NEA Service, Inc.
ActivityBoys--Girls! Solve This Puzzle!
FeaturingJunior Sales Club of America
Text StoryThe Case of the Mysterious Pear (2 pages)
CreditsPencils: Hal Bittner [as HB] (signed) | Inks: Hal Bittner [as HB] (signed) | Letters: typeset
ContentGenre: Crime | Characters: Aunt Teeney; Clifford Ramey (corpse); Dr. C. O. Abher; Elmer Britten; Judge James G. Burnside; Lela Ramey; Sheriff H. E. Watkins; Charles Kibler (villain); Effie Ramey (villain)
ActivityHi, Contest Fans (1 page)
FeaturingComic Contests
Comic Story"After a lifetime of secret experimentation..." (8 pages)
FeaturingDoctor Hormone
CreditsPencils: Robert Bugg (signed) | Inks: Robert Bugg (signed)
ContentGenre: Adventure | Characters: Dr. Hormone; Jane Hormone; General Battlesky; Prime Minister Smartenoff; Rassinoff (villain)
NotesStory (c) R. S. Callender
Comic Story"Soon after the last unsuccesful attempt..." (8 pages)
FeaturingThe Masked Pilot
CreditsPencils: Bob Jenney [as Bob Jenny] (signed) | Inks: Bob Jenney [as Bob Jenny] (signed)
ContentGenre: Adventure; Aviation | Characters: The Masked Pilot; Tom; Officer Riley; Officer Yorke; Boris (villain); Mr. Brenner (villain)
Notes(c) 1940 by R.S. Callender.
Comic Story"Still trying to improve your machine..." (8 pages)
FeaturingThe Voice
CreditsPencils: Jim Chambers (signed) | Inks: Jim Chambers (signed)
ContentGenre: Detective-mystery | Characters: The Voice [Tim Brant]; Curly Rand; Professor Bert Wilson; Inspector Gyves; Cyrus Cadroller (villain)
NotesCopr. 1940 by R. S. Callender.
Comic Story"Whitey Day left his father's farm at the age of twenty to seek the 'easy money'" (6 pages)
FeaturingGang Busters
CreditsPencils: Dick Fletcher [as Fletcher] (signed) | Inks: Dick Fletcher [as Fletcher] (signed)
ContentGenre: Crime | Characters: Chief John Winston; Officer Tobin; Officer Ryan; Mr. Morton; Mrs. Morton; Whitey Day (villain, death); Sharp (villain); Nick (villain); Smiley (villain)
NotesCopr. 1940 by Phillips H. Lord, Inc.
Text ArticleLt. Tito Falconi
FeaturingDid You Know That
CreditsPencils: Roy Humphries (signed) | Inks: Roy Humphries (signed)
ContentGenre: Non-fiction | Characters: Lt. Tito Falconi; Henry Bushmeyer; Emperor Hirohito
AdvertisementBecome a Stamp Collector
Comic Story"Boy! What a picture!" (7 pages)
FeaturingWally Williams, American Boy
CreditsScript: Victor Boni (signed) | Pencils: Tom Hickey (signed) | Inks: Tom Hickey (signed)
ContentGenre: Sports; Teen | Characters: Wally Williams; Gramps Williams; Arlene Grahame; Betty Riley; Ted Jackson
NotesCopr. 1940 by Dell Publishing Co. Story signed on last page.
Comic Story"After the death of the high priest..." (6 pages)
FeaturingCaptain Tornado
CreditsScript:? [as Kenneth Kennedy] (signed) | Pencils: Newt Alfred? | Inks: Newt Alfred?
ContentGenre: Science Fiction | Characters: Captain Tornado; Professor Bordani; Jane Bordani
NotesAccording to Jim Vadeboncoeur, Jr., Hames Ware identified Newt Alfred as the artist for the story in Popular Comics #49. The art in this story looks very similar to the art in that story (Greg Fischer, July 2012). Also note that Jerry Bails' Who's Who of American Comics Books says that Kenneth Kennedy is a pen name.
Publisher advertisementThe Funnies #46 (1 page)
NotesOn inside back cover.
Publisher advertisementFour Color #7 (1 page)
FeaturingGang Busters
ContentGenre: Crime
NotesBack cover.
The data in the additional content section is courtesy of the Grand Comics Database under a Creative Commons Attribution License. More details about this comic may be available in their page here
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