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Narfstar's Mad Mash-Ups

Creator Donated Modern Comics
PublisherCreator Donated Modern Comics | Date: | Lang: English
Uploaded  by narfstar
Filesize 9.33mb consisting of 37 pages | Format: EBook
File nameMash_up_Madness.cbz
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 7/10 (2 votes)
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NotesI have to admit that I am rather proud of some of these. Hope you enjoy my madness.
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Narfstar's Mad Mash-Ups
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Narfstar's Mad Mash-Ups
   By phlogiston2010
well. it sounds like an absolute load of rubbish. which means it will probably be a whole lot of fun. terrific. thanks.
   By misappear
Now that was some fine, fun work
   By Nyarlathotep
This is a total blast, well done! I especially liked Lost in the Dark Shadows of Space, and totally agree that Korak has that perfect "Oh $#@!" look.
   By SuperScrounge
Cute, funny stuff. :-)
   By zee64
HAW! Jolly nice work, Sir Narfstar, & I enjoyed them, despite many going "woosh" over my head due to not being acquainted (believe it or not!) with the originals. Anyway, I totally cracked up over 'Dear Nancy Parker', 'Hot Rods, Gorgo & Racing" (and yes, THERE'S one comic I'd ALSO love to read - do you have any plans to share YOUR story?), 'Beany & Reptisaurus', 'Master Comics', 'Odd Teens (Honey Bun! LoL!) and my favourite: "Jealous Monsters". Thank you very much for creating & sharing these Mash-ups, and of course for all your years of hard work scanning! You and the rest of the ComicpbookPlus Crew have provided me with MANY many hours reading pleasure. :-) (P.S: Where can I find "The Charlton Arrowheads" Charlton Team-Ups? They didn't show up on a search here. Ta!)
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