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Hi-School Romance #58

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Hi-School Romance
PublisherHarvey Comics | Date: | Lang: English
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Filesize 58.45mb consisting of 49 pages | Format: EBook
File nameHi_School_Romance_58_w12pgOrigArt_Harvey_Dec_1956_JVJ_R
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SourceThis book was scanned from a copy in the JVJ Archive.
NotesRangerhouse scans, Krac edits, 12 pages of original art included
There is more information about this book at the bottom of the page
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Comic Book Cover For Hi-School Romance #58
Hi-School Romance #58 (60 of 75)
Additional Information
PublicationDecember 1956 | Price: 0.10 USD | Pages: 1 | Frequency: monthly
Notescredits per Nick Caputo, January 2015. Previous indexer credited Jack Sparling.
Cover"In his arms she was the happiest girl in the world..."
CreditsPencils: Jack Kirby; Joe Simon? | Inks: Joe Simon?
ContentGenre: Romance
Notescredits per Nick Caputo, January 2015. Previous indexer credited Jack Sparling.
AdvertisementLarge Family Electric Cooker Fryer (1 page)
FeaturingNiresk Industries, Inc.
CreditsPencils:? (Photo) | Inks:? (Photo) | Letters: Typeset
NotesWhile they last... $7.95.
CreditsPencils: Joe Simon | Inks: Joe Simon
ContentGenre: Romance
NotesContents page includes a preview of "Puppy Love". Simon art per Nick Caputo. Previous indexer credited Manny Stallman.
Advertisement$100,000 Ring Sale (1 page)
FeaturingJS Diamond House
CreditsPencils:? (Photo) | Inks:? (Photo) | Letters: Typeset
NotesAny ring... $1.98!
Comic StoryPuppy Love (5 pages)
SynopsisJerry was the boy next door who grew up next to Sue... and was hopelessly in love with her. But Sue had fallen in love with handsome Dave Moran, her father's prize student. Seeing Dave and Sue together flamed Jerry's jealous rage and a fight broke out that ended when Dave punched Jerry in the jaw. Such were the stuff of romance comic love triangles.
CreditsPencils: Manny Stallman; Joe Simon (see notes) | Inks: Manny Stallman?; Joe Simon (see notes) | Letters: Sam Rosen;?
ContentGenre: Romance | Characters: Sue; Jerry; Dave Moran
NotesThe original artwork was re-worked on most pages to conform to the Comics Code; most of the changes served to tone down the sexual overtones. Alterations on page three by Joe Simon. Info per Nick Caputo, May 2017.
Text StoryReuninon
CreditsLetters: Typeset
Publisher advertisementThe Greatest Gift
ContentGenre: Romance
NotesHouse ad for True Brides-to-Be Romances #21
Comic StoryThe Charm of You! (1 page)
SynopsisCharm is a quality that makes the plainest girl pretty and the prettiest girl an angel! Tips on charm for all situations.
CreditsPencils: Warren Kremer | Inks: Warren Kremer | Letters: Joe Rosen?
ContentGenre: Romance
Comic StoryLove Can't Be Bad (5 pages)
SynopsisEllen Wilson was a sickly child who didn't do well in school. And even when her health improved she remained an "Ugly Duckling". So, she took matters in her own hands dressing provocatively, and going further than other girls. That worked for a while with Joe Wilson; until he got what he wanted and dumped her. Then she met Ronny, who was good to her and really cared. He cared so much, she wondered if he was just like all the other men. Humiliating Ronny by offering to date another guy, he confessed that he was truly in ove with her... and she with him.
CreditsPencils: Bob Powell | Inks: Bob Powell?
ContentGenre: Romance | Characters: Ellen Wilson; Joe Wilson; Ronny
NotesThis was a typical "bad girl" turns good story. When the Comics Code clamped down on Harvey's love stories, they changed the title of this story from "They Call Me Bad" to "Love Can't be Bad!". There are also several edited portions of the art to comply with Comics Code mandated changes.
Comic StoryMeant For Each Other (5 pages)
SynopsisWith her father's illness, Meg gives up her social life and help support the family by working as a model at the local dress shop and for artist Greg Davis. Over time, the artist and model fall in love, until he confesses that he is engaged. Meg vows never to see Greg again but at the Martin dress shop she is asked to model a wedding gown... for Eleanor White, Greg's fiance. Seeing Meg one more time, Greg cannot stand it and confesses that it is Meg he loves.
CreditsPencils: Tom Hickey | Inks: Tom Hickey | Letters: Sam Rosen?
ContentGenre: Romance | Characters: Greg Davis; Meg; Eleanor White
Text StoryBitter Jest
CreditsLetters: Typeset
ContentGenre: Romance
Publisher advertisementRead The True Story Of Crisis
FeaturingHarvey Publishing
ContentGenre: Romance
NotesHouse ad for the upcoming issue of First Romance #43.
Letters PageDoris Bigelow's Mail Bag (1 page)
CreditsLetters: Typeset
ContentGenre: Romance
NotesRomantic advice for teen-age lovers.
Comic StoryJeannie's Man (5 pages)
SynopsisJeannie Evans was class President and the most popular girl in school until she moved in the middle of her senior year. At the new school she was alone until she met Ted Keating. While dating Ted she saw Bob Brennan and his pals come into the soda shop. Ted told her that Bob led the "in-crowd" at school and when Bob invited her to be part of his group she jumped at the chance. Her initiation involved speaking to a strange man who turned out to be a policeman. The officer told Jeannie that the group ran an illegal gambling ring and she either had to help him or suffer the consequences.
CreditsPencils: Ray Bailey | Inks: Ray Bailey | Letters: Sam Rosen?
ContentGenre: Romance | Characters: Jeannie Evans; Ted Keating; Bob Brennan; Warren Elston
NotesAs a result of the subject matter of this story, there were a number of Comic Code-mandated script and art changes.
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CreditsPencils:? (Photo) | Inks:? (Photo) | Letters: Typeset
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CreditsPencils:? (Photo) | Inks:? (Photo) | Letters: Typeset
NotesMechanical dime bank only $1.00.
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CreditsPencils:? (Photo) | Inks:? (Photo) | Letters: Typeset
Notes100 Toy soldiers packed in a footlocker for $1.25.
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CreditsPencils:? (Photo) | Inks:? (Photo) | Letters: Typeset
NotesPortable Milady's Electric Razor. An amazing value for $3.95.
AdvertisementMake $15.00 A Day and More! (1 page)
FeaturingPost Graduate Hospital School of Nursing
CreditsPencils:? (Photo) | Inks:? (Photo) | Letters: Typeset
NotesLearn nursing in 12 short weeks!
AdvertisementAmazing 20-inch Dancing Doll (1 page)
FeaturingNiresk Industries, Inc.
CreditsPencils:? (Photo) | Inks:? (Photo) | Letters: Typeset
NotesNina Ballerina does kicks, splits and walks on her toes. Only $4.95.
The data in the additional content section is courtesy of the Grand Comics Database under a Creative Commons Attribution License. More details about this comic may be available in their page here
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