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Popular Romance #14

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Popular Romance
PublisherBetter / Nedor / Standard / Pines | Date: | Lang: English
Uploaded  by movielover
Filesize 37.78mb consisting of 36 pages | Format: EBook
File namePopular_Romances_014__JVJ_rangerhouse_movielover_Novus_
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SourceThis book was scanned from a copy in the JVJ Archive.
Notesrangerhouse scans, movielover-novus edits
There is more information about this book at the bottom of the page
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Comic Book Cover For Popular Romance #14
Popular Romance #14 (10 of 26)
Additional Information
PublicationAugust 1951 | Price: 0.10 USD | Pages: 1 | Frequency: Bi-monthly
Coverno title indexed
SynopsisFull-page, front cover photograph of a young couple playfully embracing.
FeaturingPopular Romance
CreditsPencils:? (photo) | Inks:? (photo) | Colors:? (photo) | Letters: Typeset
ContentGenre: Romance | Characters: Young Brunette Woman in Teal; Young Blond Man in Red
Comic Story"Yes, I admit it..." (1 page)
SynopsisFull-page, inside front cover story about Helen Slade, a young woman strongly attracted to a young man named Eric. She doesn't want to appear too eager for his company and ignores him. He wearies of her game. The reader is asked to guess what she has done wrong. The answer is revealed in the last panel.
FeaturingLove Clinic
CreditsJob #: R-299
ContentGenre: Romance | Characters: Helen Slade; Eric
Comic StoryLove Finds a Way (10 pages)
SynopsisShortly after meeting him in a soda shop, Peggy Davies marries Kip Shelby, a well-heeled young man new in town. Within moments however, the police arrest Kip for a crime committed some time in his past. The marriage is annulled. Peggy moves to another town, finds a good job, and marries Ward Barclay, a decent, loving young man. She doesn't tell him of her disastrous first marriage. Three years pass and Kip is released from prison. He appears at Peggy's back door threatening to re-enter her life. Peggy is filled with great anxiety. The next day, she learns from a newspaper report that Kip was killed in a traffic accident after leaving her house. Her secret remains safe.
CreditsPencils: Art Saaf (illustration) | Inks: Art Saaf (illustration) | Job #: R-344
ContentGenre: Romance | Characters: Peggy Davies; Ward Barclay; Kip Shelby; Peggy's parents; Laura (Peggy's friend)
NotesInformation on this sequence supplied by Steve Saaf and Jim Vadeboncouer, June 2008.
Text ArticleAdvice (1 page)
SynopsisNonfiction article by Brenda Brant on sunglasses, bouquets, and other topics.
FeaturingJust Between Us...
CreditsScript: Brenda Brant | Pencils:? (spot illustration) | Inks:? (spot illustration) | Colors:? (spot illustration) | Letters: Typeset
ContentGenre: Non-fiction
Comic StoryPrisoner of My Heart (8 pages)
SynopsisEdith Hilliard is an orphan boarding in the home of the Bakers, members of the orphanage board. She is secretly in love with their nephew Bud. She is self-conscious about her homeless background, and, when Bud proposes, she is so confused, she runs away by hitching rides out of town. When one motorist expects physical intimacy for providing her with a lift, she flees into the stormy evening. Realizing her decision to run away from Bud was a mistake, she returns to the Baker home. The Bakers have prepared a surprise birthday party for her, and, when Bud once again proposes, she accepts.
CreditsPencils: Ruben Moreira? | Inks: Ruben Moreira? | Job #: R-359
ContentGenre: Romance | Characters: Edith Hilliard; Bud Baker; Bud's parents; Ginny (Edith's kid sister)
Text StoryLiz Gets Hep (2 pages)
SynopsisLiz is a high school junior and is unable to get dates because she's too intellectual. She plays dumb for handsome senior Max and wins his interest.
CreditsScript: Margaret Isbel | Pencils:? (spot illustrations) | Inks:? (spot illustrations) | Colors:? (spot illustrations) | Letters: Typeset | Job #: R-362
ContentGenre: Romance | Characters: Liz Drew; Max Rooker
Comic StoryAfraid to Marry (7 pages)
SynopsisShy and timid secretary Joanne dates handsome, well-to-do lawyer Mark and accepts his offer of marriage though terrified of his upper class background and social circle. She feigns illness to avoid meeting his friends. When he enters politics, her anxiety reaches a fever pitch. Mark's mother advises Joanne to take courage and make an attempt to overcome her shyness. She does, and finds strong support from Mark.
CreditsPencils:? | Job #: R-357
ContentGenre: Romance | Characters: Joanne Ames; Mark Dawson; Mark's mother
Letters PageAdvice (1 page)
SynopsisAdvice on make-up and relationships.
FeaturingLet's Talk It Over
CreditsScript: Brenda Brant | Pencils:? (spot illustrations) | Inks:? (spot illustrations) | Colors:? (spot illustrations) | Letters: Typeset
ContentGenre: Non-fiction
Comic StoryI'm teaching Wadsworth's the business... (2 pages)
SynopsisJoan is attracted to Ted but doesn't want him to know she needs money and is working after school at the five-and-ten. One Saturday night, her mother suggests she go to a movie rather than sit home alone. She does, and there she discovers Ted working as a theater usher. He admits he needs money, too. They decide to date on Sundays.
FeaturingLove Problems
CreditsJob #: R-332
ContentGenre: Romance | Characters: Joan; Ted Blake
AdvertisementDress Offer (1 page)
SynopsisFull-page ad for mail-order dresses.
CreditsScript:? (ad copy) | Pencils:? (spot illustrations) | Inks:? (spot illustrations) | Colors:? (spot illustrations) | Letters: Typeset
AdvertisementBra Offer (1 page)
SynopsisFull-page, inside back cover offer for mail-order bras.
CreditsScript:? (ad copy) | Letters: Typeset
AdvertisementClothing Offer (1 page)
SynopsisFull-page, back cover ad for mail-order women's clothing.
CreditsScript:? (ad copy) | Letters: Typeset
The data in the additional content section is courtesy of the Grand Comics Database under a Creative Commons Attribution License. More details about this comic may be available in their page here
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