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Untold Facts About the H-Bomb

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Atomic/H Bomb
PublisherSafety And Welfare | Date: | Lang: English
Uploaded  by Dr. Sivana
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File nameUntold_Facts_About_the_H_Bomb_excerp_from_Mechanix_Illu
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Notesfrom Fawcett's Mechanix Illustrated, Sep 1954. Found on Archive.org Comments about article by orig poster included in embedded text & below in the comment section
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Untold Facts About the H-Bomb (4 of 4)
   By Kracalactaka
Notes from the original uploader who posted this to Archive.org in 2013: Mechanix Illustrated magazine, September 1954. This article is essentially correct but contains some inaccuracies due to official secrecy and confusing official announcements. For example, the initial irritation of the slaked lime (calcium hydroxide) fallout to the skin of the Japanese and Marshallese after the 15 megaton test on 1 March 1954 was due to chemical burning, but the blistering that started to appear 14 days after exposure was the delayed effect of the beta radiation. The author of this article was also deceived by poorly labeled official declassified photos of the Krause-Ogle plywood box after the 10 megaton Mike nuclear test in 1952. This box was blasted, as you would expect because it was flimsy plywood. However, as the article points out, the tougher concrete buildings near ground zero survived, as did those near ground zero in Hiroshima. Only the wooden buildings burned down, and even then it took 2-3 hours for the firestorm to occur, which allowed evacuation.
   By lonespaceranger
Martin Caidin also wrote a lot of non-fiction books, as well as novels like "Marooned" (both versions), "Cyborg" (AKA "The Six-Million Dollar Man"), and "Man-Fac".
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