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Logo For The Diagnostics Page Welcome to the Comic Book Plus Diagnostic page. Apart from our passion for comic books, we also love to keep all our members and guests happy. As you can imagine, with so many comic books and all the little goodies that we have made, sometimes things do not work the way that we intended.

So, to help you to help us, we have created this diagnostics page. It gives basic information about your machine and hopefully will give us clues to work out what has gone wrong.

It also serves another purpose, that of transparency. Allowing you to see what information we (and also other sites) can find out about your machine. Hopefully you will see that your privacy, and also system security is not being compromised. We use it purely to make your experience on the site the best possible.

There is also an option to

On occasions this can help solve a problem and doing it this way means that you will not have to delete them for all the other sites you visit. It JUST affects Comic Book Plus, you will have to agree that's a cool touch! BUT remember if you do this all your cookie history will be lost; you will have to log back into the main site and also the forum.

Diagnostics Page - Helping You Help Us

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