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 on: Today at 05:30:03 PM 
Started by Kracalactaka - Last post by Kracalactaka
I agree, it is just fantastic. It is hard to not just keep looking at it. It draws you in like great art is supposed to do. The artist hit it out of the park on this one and it also perfectly captures the attitude of the editorial era this issue of the mag was published in. That's why I had Mark change the thumbnail for this section to this issue. Perfect.
Link to the book: The Smart Set v66 02

 on: Today at 03:37:27 PM 
Started by Kracalactaka - Last post by Kracalactaka
This week's drippings from the Fawcett:

Don Winslow 027 (Fawcett1945)soothsayr-movielover-Novus).cbz
Wow Comics 007 [Fawcett1942]-c2c  -KrankyBoy-Rangerhouse+Yoc.cbz

Wow Comics 053 [Fawcett1947] -Krankyboy-Rangerhouse-DaveH.cbz
Gabby Hayes Western 018 (Fawcett1950)(c2c)Kracalactaka-a nonny moose.cbz

and from the Fawcett Magazine Rack:

True Confessions Vol1 No1 from 1922, dug up from the net by erwin-k

and thanks to Krankyboy for sending his books to Rangerhouse to be scanned.

 on: Today at 11:30:02 AM 
Started by mjb0123 - Last post by mjb0123
Oh no! Does anybody know how this story ends??
Link to the book: The Adventures of Superman #0364 - The Black Narcissus (part 9)

 on: Today at 10:22:49 AM 
Started by MarkWarner - Last post by K1ngcat
Yes, it's hard to find anything wrong with vintage Kirby!  I'd come across The Last Enemy somewhere before - probably in an Alan Class reprint, I expect- but the remainder of the issue was all new to me, and very enjoyable.  It's drawn my attention to the rest of the Alarming Tales series, and even though the Kirby input peters out towards the end I was pleased to see art from John Severin, Bob Powell, Al Williamson, and other familiar names. Nice one, Harvey! and thanks Mark for choosing this.

 on: Today at 08:00:03 AM 
Started by Comeekz - Last post by Comeekz
Wow, looking at the ads, its amazing how much is still the same since 1911 -- Grape-Nuts cereal, Vaseline and Campbell's soup. It's also amazing how much has changed -- lead paint and asbestos roofing to name two examples!
Link to the book: Everybody's Magazine v24 03

 on: Today at 07:00:02 AM 
Started by The Australian Panther - Last post by The Australian Panther
This cover is astonishing! Could be 2021, not 1921. Probably quite shocking in its day.  I think the artist is Albert Barbelle https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Albert_Wilfred_Barbelle

Link to the book: The Smart Set v66 02

Here is another cover by the same artist, Albert Barbelle. Possibly done for the same session, quite different but I bet the editor thought it was too good not to use.     


 on: Today at 07:00:02 AM 
Started by The Australian Panther - Last post by The Australian Panther
Kirby also used the cover idea for one of Marvels monster books. What interests me is that this is an artists idea, not a writer. You can just seer him sitting at his easel, rubbing through a drawing and then thinking, ' Hmm.... there is an idea!'

But the story, ' The Great Stone Face' is really interesting. The idea of a tribe of Africans secretly using highly advanced technology became the basis of the 'Black Panther' for Marvel in Fantastic Four #52. Now I understand that someone just paid a record price for that comic gambling that when the film comes out ( and it looks good in the preview) interest in the character will skyrocket.
Which would mean that this book here may also increase in value.
But that's not all folks. What makes it more interesting is that the story also concerns a giant ancient astronaut who is living in a different time frame and may wake up some day. This idea Kirby used for the Eternals when he returned to Marvel.
Very interesting story.
Link to the book: Black Cat 59 (Mystic)

 on: Today at 06:30:03 AM 
Started by The Australian Panther - Last post by The Australian Panther
The basic idea in the story, 'Gizmo' was later used by Kirby as the plot of an early issue of 'Fantastic Four'.

Curiously, many years earlier than the Fantastic Four Lee Falk and Phil Davis used the idea in a memorable 'Mandrake' Story. Which came first I wonder, Mandrake or 'Gizmo' ?
Link to the book: Black Cat 58 (Mystic)

 on: Today at 06:00:01 AM 
Started by The Australian Panther - Last post by The Australian Panther
The story, 'The World is ours' I believe' is one Kirby used as the basis for the work he later did for Topps comics called, ' The secret city saga.'
The costuming is also very similar.

Link to the book: Alarming Tales 3

 on: Today at 05:34:32 AM 
Started by MarkWarner - Last post by The Australian Panther
Well, they say 'Great minds think alike' or 'Fools never differ'. I've had Kirby's run on Alarming Tales in my head as a subject to post about for quite some time. Not only this issue but some of the other issues of Alarming Tales contain ideas that Kirby would later expand on. This must have been a very creative period for him. Kirby is celebrated for his Art and creation of iconic comic characters, but this work demonstrates the strength of his creative ideas. He was clearly widely read, particularly in Science Fiction and I believe he would also have been influenced by radio and the movies. If the chair idea isn't unique to Kirby I'd be interested in hearing about a precedent. He also used the visual image of artificial people being created on a factory production line in a story-line in OMAC. ( These were pre-assembled 'artificial women' packed in suitcases.
The 'Forth Dimension' story shows that Kirby had the same understanding of and appreciation for Surrealist art as Ditko used on Doctor Strange. Makes me wish Kirby had drawn some DR. Strange.  Did Kirby influence Ditko on DR Strange? Who knows.
Just as fascinating to me is that these ideas did not surface during his time at Marvel but he did not use them again till he started work on the 'Forth World'  books for DC. Did he hold them in reserve? or did he keep files of his previous work and go back to them?
Whatever, a definite 10 for the issue.

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