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Wonder Woman: Cannibal City

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Wonder Woman: Cannibal City
« on: October 07, 2017, 05:01:35 PM »

I like how the pedestrian flowery of comics speaks to a general sociological curiosity about intricacies in ethics/civics and even philosophy, so here's a Wonder Woman (DC Comics) yarn about the superheroine contending with real cannibals discovered in modern times.


Wonder Woman left her Amazonian planet and headed to Earth where she could serve as a 'female guardian' (given her strength, wits, sturdy conscience, and democracy idealism!). Wonder Woman landed in California during the movement of the Donner Party. America was just being explored/discovered, and Wonder Woman noted how the struggles of westward expansion gave rise to a new brand of nihilistic profiteerism --- cannibalism!

The Donner Party were more or less forced to try cannibalism as a way to survive the cold winter without sufficient food-stuffs. The incident was very monumental to politics, history, and culture, and educators talked about the event as if it were a 'complicated blight' on the development of civilization. Wonder Woman noted that Americans took valuable lessons from the scarring period in history and how cannibalism helps humanity refrain from ideas regarding completely unchecked primal urges.

Wonder Woman was relieved Americans put that entire 'philosophical quandary' to rest, so she decided to sleep for a long time, and when she awoke, it was the year 2017 (and casino-magnate Donald Trump was U.S. President!). Wonder Woman listened to Trump's speeches regarding the complexity of modern era commerce-based networking and quickly deduced that vital crime syndicates in post-USSR Moscow and border-controversy driven Tijuana (Mexico) would create lethal 'dominions' of piracy. Wonder Woman quickly squashed these anti-social 'elements' of modern civilization.

President Trump invited Wonder Woman to the White House to speak with First Lady Melania Trump, and Melania told Wonder Woman of her theory that modern capitalism focus would engender some kind of 'primal backlash' and/or reveal a 'lingering' primitive-tribal element catering to 'ancient' customs of gratification (e.g., human sacrifice) as opposed to 'modern' rituals of gratification (e.g., mob psychology hypnosis with Facebook). Wonder Woman agreed that commerce and consumerism would reveal a hidden 'cannibal city' perhaps somewhere that archaeologists postulated existed the fabled ancient cities of Atlantis and Sodom.

Wonder Woman decided to explore the lands of Eurasia, confident there was some ancient cannibal city hidden somewhere (perhaps in the Urals!) underground. Indeed, Wonder Woman stumbled upon the footsteps of the real Atlantis, hidden deep underground at the foot of the Urals. When she explored further, she found an elaborate and ornately-designed city (completely made of gold!), and the inhabitants were finely-dressed in silk and seaweed outfits (no doubt collected by 'runners' who obtained supplies from the 'real world' and brought them back to Atlantis!).

As Wonder Woman continued to spy on the people of Atlantis, she quickly discovered that one of the strange rituals the people practiced was the Saturday night sacrifice of a 'chosen' citizen of their secret underground city. This person (an adult), referred to as the 'golden child,' would be laid on an altar and then bled to death (with a simple slit of the wrist by the veins) before 'cooks' would carve pieces of flesh and begin cooking the pieces on a 'sanctified' cooking instrument near the altar --- for all the people of Atlantis to marvel! Wonder Woman realized Melania Trump was correct about modernism vanities exposing the reality of a hidden 'secret-city' of primal cannibals.

A moment later, a guardsman of Atlantis found Wonder Woman and nabbed her by blindfolding her and tying her hands behind her back. Wonder Woman was taken to the Atlantis Council where she was obligated to explain her identity, intentions, and intelligence. Speaking on behalf of the Council was the 'deacon' referred to as the 'Narrator.'

WONDER WOMAN: Are you proud of your 'cannibal city,' Narrator?
NARRATOR: We owe you no explanations; you owe us everything...
WONDER WOMAN: I mean no harm, nor do I seek to 'invade' your precious city.
NARRATOR: Why are you here?
WONDER WOMAN: I want to share with you my powers and perspective.
NARRATOR: What powers do you possess?
WONDER WOMAN: My special 'magic golden lasso' can hypnotize anyone it ties up...
NARRATOR: Are you trying to enslave your hostages?
WONDER WOMAN: I don't make 'hostages' with my lasso; I use my lasso to trap evildoers.
NARRATOR: Where are you from and what is 'evil' to your people?
WONDER WOMAN: I am from a faraway 'Amazonian' planet, and evil is equivalent to malice...
NARRATOR: I suppose then that you construe our cannibalistic rituals in Atlantis as 'malicious.'
WONDER WOMAN: There's something very savage about using people as sacrificial lambs.
NARRATOR: How would you 'reform' Atlantis, Wonder Woman?
WONDER WOMAN: I would recommend a serious alternative to your human-sacrifice ritual.
NARRATOR: What would you have us do (instead) every Saturday evening?
WONDER WOMAN: You should make arts and crafts symbolizing the value of nonviolent commerce!
NARRATOR: Your words are of peace and counsel, so we'll let you return home, but remember us fondly!


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Re: Wonder Woman: Cannibal City
« Reply #1 on: October 08, 2017, 03:52:15 PM »

That was wild and weird. Picture looks great did you draw it Abishai?
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