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Stanley Morse
Available Books:Titles: 28 | Books: 109
Latest Book:Battle Cry 12 | Uploaded: Mar 22, 2015
Publication History: Active: 1951 - 1972 | Number of Series: 36 | Number of Issues: 193
Branding:Indicia Publishers: 9 | Brand Groups: 2 | Brand Emblems: 2
Indicia Publishers:Aragon Magazines, Inc. | Argyle Magazines, Inc. | Gillmor Magazines, Inc. | Key Publications | Key Publications, Inc. | Media Publications, Inc. | S.P.M., Publications, Inc. | Stanley Publications, Inc | Stanmor Publications, Inc.
Brand Groups:A Key Magazine | Medal Comics
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Stanley Morse

Action Adventure Comics

Thumbnail for Action Adventure Comics
Title:Action Adventure Comics
Issues Available:3
Latest Issue:Action Adventure Comics 3 | Uploaded: Feb 23, 2014


Thumbnail for Algie
Issues Available:1
Latest Issue:Algie 3 | Uploaded: Feb 20, 2011

Animal Adventures

Thumbnail for Animal Adventures
Title:Animal Adventures
Issues Available:2
Latest Issue:Animal Adventures 001 | Uploaded: Jun 21, 2012

Battle Attack

Thumbnail for Battle Attack
Title:Battle Attack
Issues Available:5
Latest Issue:Battle Attack 3 | Uploaded: Feb 8, 2015
(1954 series)
October 1954 - December 1955

Issues: #1-8

Artists on this title include Hy Fleishman, Eugene Hughes & Tony Mortellaro

Battle Cry

Thumbnail for Battle Cry
Title:Battle Cry
Issues Available:18
Latest Issue:Battle Cry 12 | Uploaded: Mar 22, 2015
(1952 series)
May 1952 - September 1955

Issues: #1-20

Artists on this title include Bernard Baily, Hy Fleishman, A. C. Hollingsworth, Eugene Hughes, Tony Mortellaro, Irv Novick, Ed Smalle, & Charles Stern

Battle Fire

Thumbnail for Battle Fire
Title:Battle Fire
Issues Available:2
Latest Issue:Battle Fire 2 | Uploaded: Dec 20, 2013

Battle Squadron

Thumbnail for Battle Squadron
Title:Battle Squadron
Issues Available:1
Latest Issue:Battle Squadron 01 | Uploaded: Jan 12, 2014

Blazing Western

Thumbnail for Blazing Western
Title:Blazing Western
Issues Available:3
Latest Issue:Blazing Western 4 | Uploaded: Jun 20, 2012
(1954 series)
January 1954 - September 1954

Issues: 31-5

Artists on this title include Bernard Baily, Bill Discount, Steve Ditko, Mort Drucker, Vince Fodera, Bob McCarthy, Jack Petrazzo, & Les Zakarin


Thumbnail for Climax
Issues Available:2
Latest Issue:Climax 1 | Uploaded: Sep 26, 2013

Crime Detector

Thumbnail for Crime Detector
Title:Crime Detector
Issues Available:2
Latest Issue:Crime Detector 1 | Uploaded: Jan 20, 2015
(1954 series)
January 1954 - July 1954

Issues: #1-5

Artists on this title include Bernard Baily, Sam Burlockoff, Mort Drucker, & Les Zakarin

Diary Confessions

Thumbnail for Diary Confessions
Title:Diary Confessions
Issues Available:1
Latest Issue:Diary Confessions 10 | Uploaded: Feb 20, 2011

Flying Aces

Thumbnail for Flying Aces
Title:Flying Aces
Issues Available:4
Latest Issue:Flying Aces 2 | Uploaded: Jun 21, 2012
(1955 series)
July 1955 - May 1956

Issues #1-5

Notes: Medal Comics on cover of #3-5.

Artists on this title include S. Finocchiaro, Eugene Hughes & Sal Trapani

Hector Comics

Thumbnail for Hector Comics
Title:Hector Comics
Issues Available:3
Latest Issue:Hector Comics 001 | Uploaded: Sep 5, 2013

Ideal Romance

Thumbnail for Ideal Romance
Title:Ideal Romance
Issues Available:2
Latest Issue:Ideal Romance 3 | Uploaded: Jan 6, 2014

Mister Mystery

Thumbnail for Mister Mystery
Title:Mister Mystery
Issues Available:20
Latest Issue:Mister Mystery 15 (alt) | Uploaded: Mar 11, 2015
(1951 series)
September 1951 - October 1954

Issues: #1-19

Artists on this title include Jack Abel, Gerald Altman, Ross Andru, Bernard Baily, John Bulthuis, Ellis Eringer, Mike Esposito, Tom Feelings, S. Finochiaro, Hy Fleishman, Vince Fodera, Frank Frollo, Rocco Mastroserio, Moe Marcus, Shelly Moldoff, Tony Mortellaro, Rudy Palais, Don Perlin, Ed Robbins, Martin Rose, John Rosenberger, Abe Simon, Jon Smalle, Charles Stern, Sal Trapani, Basil Wolverton, & Les Zakarin


Thumbnail for Mutiny
Issues Available:3
Latest Issue:Mutiny 002 | Uploaded: Jun 21, 2012

Navy Patrol

Thumbnail for Navy Patrol
Title:Navy Patrol
Issues Available:1
Latest Issue:Navy Patrol 3 RAW | Uploaded: Jan 18, 2015

Navy Task Force

Thumbnail for Navy Task Force
Title:Navy Task Force
Issues Available:2
Latest Issue:Navy Task Force 4 | Uploaded: Feb 20, 2011
(1954 series)
December 1954 - April 1956

Issues: 7 (#1-6, 8)

Notes: #7 does not exist. #1 can easily be mistaken for #7, due to the poor printing quality of the indicia, but can be identified as #1 by the December 1954 date.

Artists on this title include S. Finocchiaro, Eugene Hughes & Sal Trapani

Peter Cottontail

Thumbnail for Peter Cottontail
Title:Peter Cottontail
Issues Available:2
Latest Issue:Peter Cottontail 3D | Uploaded: Sep 13, 2014

Prize Mystery

Thumbnail for Prize Mystery
Title:Prize Mystery
Issues Available:3
Latest Issue:Prize Mystery 3 | Uploaded: Feb 13, 2014

Radiant Love

Thumbnail for Radiant Love
Title:Radiant Love
Issues Available:2
Latest Issue:Radiant Love 004 | Uploaded: Feb 5, 2014

Silver Kid Western

Thumbnail for Silver Kid Western
Title:Silver Kid Western
Issues Available:3
Latest Issue:Silver Kid Western 1 | Uploaded: Jun 21, 2012


Thumbnail for Warpath
Issues Available:2
Latest Issue:Warpath 2 | Uploaded: Apr 12, 2014

Weird Chills

Thumbnail for Weird Chills
Title:Weird Chills
Issues Available:2
Latest Issue:Weird Chills 3 | Uploaded: Feb 20, 2011

Weird Mysteries

Thumbnail for Weird Mysteries
Title:Weird Mysteries
Issues Available:11
Latest Issue:Weird Mysteries 08 | Uploaded: May 11, 2012
(1952 series)
October 1952 - September 1954

Issues: #1-12

Artists on this title include Ross Andru, Bernard Baily, Mike Esposito, S. Finocchiaro, Hy Fleishman, Vince Fodera, Nick Frank, Tony Mortellaro, Jon Smalle, John Romita, Charles Stern, Sal Trapani, Basil Wolverton, & Les Zakarin

Weird Tales of the Future

Thumbnail for Weird Tales of the Future
Title:Weird Tales of the Future
Issues Available:5
Latest Issue:Weird Tales of the Future 3 | Uploaded: Apr 25, 2014

Western Rough Riders

Thumbnail for Western Rough Riders
Title:Western Rough Riders
Issues Available:2
Latest Issue:Western Rough Riders 003 | Uploaded: Dec 1, 2012

One Shots

Thumbnail for One Shots
Title:One Shots
Issues Available:2
One Shots:Daring Love 1 | Real Adventure 1
Latest Issue:Real Adventure 1 | Uploaded: Feb 20, 2011
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