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The Black Terror #11

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The Black Terror
PublisherBetter / Nedor / Standard / Pines | Date: | Lang: English
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Filesize 32.43mb consisting of 37 pages | Format: EBook
File nameBlack_Terror_011.cbr
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NotesThere is more information about this book at the bottom of the page
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The Black Terror #11 (11 of 31)
Additional Information
PublicationAugust 1945 | Price: 0.10 USD | Pages: 1 | Frequency: quarterly
FeaturingThe Black Terror
CreditsPencils: Alex Schomburg [as Schomburg] (signed) | Inks: Alex Schomburg [as Schomburg] (signed)
ContentGenre: Superhero | Characters: The Black Terror [Bob Benton]; Tim [Tim Roland]
Advertisement"You'll Learn to Play a Piano in One Week........" (1 page)
CreditsPencils:? (photo) | Inks:? (photo) | Letters: typeset
NotesFound on the inside front cover. Illustrated advertisement from Albert Publications, who offers readers the Simplex Piano Course, or a choice of any four booklets (including ones of the Boogie-Woogie, Judo or Hypnotism) at $1 each, sent COD. Sequence added by Craig Delich.
Comic Story"A gigantic skull and crossbones in the sky heralds..." (11 pages)
SynopsisBob gets a letter from an old school chum in Nevada, who mentions two mysterious deaths of his neighbors in their shacks, as well as the appearance of a skull and crossed bones in the sky.
FeaturingThe Black Terror
CreditsPencils: Ed Moritz | Inks: Ed Moritz | Job #: CC-356
ContentGenre: Superhero | Characters: The Black Terror [Bob Benton]; Tim [Tim Roland]; Jean Starr; Fred Swanson (old school chum of Benton's, introduction); The Voice (villain, expert in gas, introduction); Mac (villain, introduction)
Text StoryLuzon Luck (1 page)
SynopsisCaptain Rogers has been captured by the Japanese and has been tortured for information, But young Pepito uses a clever stunt with his rooster to save the day.
CreditsScript: Charles S. Strong (credited) | Pencils:? (spot illustration) | Inks:? (spot illustration) | Letters: typeset
ContentGenre: War | Characters: Pepito (young Filipino guerilla); Captain Rogers (of American Intelligence); Lieutenant Kamaka (villain); un-named Japanese sentry (villain)
Comic Story"The discovery of a new mineral-rich isle..." (11 pages)
SynopsisBob gets a package and letter from an old friend in Chile, who says he may have found a large deposit of gold on an island off the coast of South America. When he tests the material, Bob finds it to contain not only gold but platinum and pitchblend as well!
FeaturingThe Black Terror
CreditsJob #: CC-296
ContentCharacters: The Black Terror [Bob Benton]; Tim [Tim Roland]; Jean Starr; Dick Johnson (old friend of Benton's); Thor (Johnson's dog); Bodo (island native); Roger Chilling (villain); Chilling's mob [Brick; Duke; Phil] (villains)
Text StoryThe Bank Bandits (1 page)
SynopsisKenny knowledge of saddle designs allows him to nail some bank robbers for the Sheriff.
CreditsScript: Tex Mumford (credited) | Pencils:? (spot illustration) | Inks:? (spot illustration) | Letters: typeset
ContentGenre: Western-frontier | Characters: Kenny Norton; John Norton (Kenny's father, saddle and bridal maker); Sheriff Lang; two Deputies; group of bank robbers (villains)
Comic Story"By talking backward, I can make this big!" (6 pages)
SynopsisMortimer uses his magical skills to create a large bone for his puppy. But several scientists, who see the bone, mistakenly believe it belongs to a dinosaur......so Mortimer crteates them one!
FeaturingMortimer Magic
CreditsPencils: Victor E. Pazmiño [as VEP] (signed) | Inks: Victor E. Pazmiño [as VEP] (signed) | Job #: AC-191
ContentGenre: Fantasy | Characters: Mortimer Magic (introduction); Mortimer's puppy; group of scientists; Marmaduke (dinosaur); un-namewd crook (villain)
NotesOnly appearance.
Text StoryPeruvian Boy (1 page)
SynopsisChico makes a living driving llamas and alpacas, and he is hired to deliver supplies to an American expedition searching for rare metals, unaware that a band of German agents seek out those metals as well.
CreditsScript: William B. McClellan (credited) | Pencils:? (spot illustration) | Inks:? (spot illustration) | Letters: typeset
ContentCharacters: Chico (young Peruvian boy); Chico's father; Captain Marty Owens; German agents (villains)
Comic Story"Yes, this is Adam"
SynopsisAdam receives a message over the phone, but forgets to say goodbye before he hangs up!
FeaturingAdam the Chimp
CreditsScript: Jim Davis (signed) | Pencils: Jim Davis (signed) | Inks: Jim Davis (signed)
ContentGenre: Anthropomorphic-funny Animals | Characters: Adam the Chimp
Statement of OwnershipStatement of the Ownership, Management, Circulation, Etc.
CreditsLetters: typeset
NotesThe statement lists N. L. Pines as Editor.
AdvertisementFree With This Offer: 33 Power Telescope Lens Kit (1 page)
CreditsLetters: typeset
NotesFound on the inside back cover. Sequence added by Craig Delich. Illustrated advertisement from Metro Publications in New York, offering a free telescope to readers who purchase, for $1.98, a 3-volume set titled "Wonders of Science, Simplified".
AdvertisementTrue Love and Friendship Ring Given (1 page)
CreditsPencils:? (photo);? | Inks:? (photo);? | Letters: typeset
NotesSequence added by Craig Delich. Found on the back cover. Illustrated advertisement from Empire Diamond Company in Jefferson, Iowa, offering readers a "true love" bracelet and necklace (at cost of $2.95 each), and those ordering will get a free friendship ring. Another illustrated advertisement is found on the page from Gold Crown Products in Jefferson, Iowa, who offers a variety of free gifts for selling a specified number of boxes of Gold Crown Spot Remover and Cleanser.
The data in the additional content section is courtesy of the Grand Comics Database under a Creative Commons Attribution License. More details about this comic may be available in their page here
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